Women Of Wonder

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In Suraah Ahzaab, Allah Ta`ala has mentioned the following ten qualities which every Muslim should strive to inculcate in themselves. The woman of Jannah is one who has the following qualities:

1.           She is a Muslimah: She readily, willingly and cheerfully submits to Allah’s commands. She does not question the wisdom of the Shariah. “Men have charge over women” says Allah. The woman of wonder does not believe in “gender equality, etc.” and does not suffer from an inferior complex, as she is fully aware that in her role as a home executive she gains the Pleasure of Allah Ta`ala.

August 9, 2010

Linguistic and Cultural Formalism Part 3

Beliefs & Practices, Education

Lack of Religious Sense

To me the greatest causes of this mishap was the lack of correct religious sense. It is not enough that one should have a heart-felt love of Islam: one should also have a developed sense of looking at things from an Islamic view-point. A man should have not only emotionally attachment to Islam but he should also hate all unislamic philosophies, thoughts and ideals. As a matter of fact, The Qur’an expresses in numerous places its hatred for the devil and the standard-bearers of falsehood and ignorance before giving a call to pin one’s Faith in God. It says:

June 14, 2010

Hadith Number Three

Chapter 02 - Grave Warnings For Not Performing Hajj, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj)

Hazrat Ibn Abaas R.A. said: “Whoever has enough money to perform Hajj and does not do so, or enough wealth making Zakaat obligatory on him, and he does not give it, he shall surely at the time of his death beg to be sent back to the world.”

The fact that they shall beg to be returned to this earth is a reference to the verse I n Surah Mu’minoon which is thus: “In falsehood and deception will the be until when death comes to one of them, he says: “O My Lord, send me back to life, in order that I may work righteously in the thing I neglected.’ By no mean! But is a word he says.” Before them is a partition till the day they are raised up.”
(Surah 23 verse 99 and 100)

November 15, 2009

62) Stinting When Weighing or Measuring Out Goods and Similar Merchandise

Beliefs & Practices, Major Sins

Allah Most High says,

{Woe to those that deal in fraud, those who, when they have to receive a measure from men, exact full measure, but when they have to give a measure or weight to men, give less than due. Do not they think that they will be raised upon a Mighty Day, a day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds?} (Al-Mutaffifeen: 1-6)

As-Saddiy said the reason of revelation of the above Ayah traces back to Prophet’s arrival at Medina where he found a man called Abu Juhainah who had two scales, one for giving and the other for receiving.

September 1, 2009

26) Taking People’s Property Through Falsehood

Beliefs & Practices, Major Sins

Injustice may be exercised by stealing people’s property, beating and insulting them, or by violating and overbearing the weak persons.

Allah, Almighty says,

“Think not that Allah doeth not heed the deeds of those who do wrong. He but giveth them respite against a day when the eyes will fixedly stare in horror, they running forward with necks out stretched, their heads uplifted, their gaze returning not towards them, and their hearts a (gaping) void! So, warn mankind of the day when the wrath will reach them: then will the wrong doers say, “O Lord! Respite us (if only) for a short time: we will answer Thy call, and follow the Messengers!” “What were ye not want to swear aforetime that ye should offer no decline? And ye dealt in the dwellings of men who wronged themselves, and you were clearly shown how we dealt with them, and we put forth (many) parables in your behoof” (Ibrahim:42-45)

February 21, 2009

18) Bearing False Witness

Beliefs & Practices, Major Sins

Allah, Most High says;

“Those who witness no falsehood and if they pass by futility, they pass by it with honorable (avoidance)” (Al-Furqan: 72)

“And shun the word that is false” (Al-Hajj: 30)

It was narrated that,

“Bearing false witness is mentioned twice as equal as associating others with Allah (in the Qur’an)” (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)

The Prophet (pbuh) said,

“On the Day of Judgement, the feet of the person who bore false witness will not stir from their place before their owner is condemned to Hell.” (Ibn Majah and Al-Hakim)

February 5, 2009

1) Ascribing Associates To Allah, the Most High (Shirk)

Beliefs & Practices, Major Sins

The worst major sin is Shirk. It is of two kinds:

a) To hold that Allah has an equal, whereas He has created you, and to worship another with Him, whether it be a stone, tree, sun, moon, prophet, sheikh, star, angel or other. This is the greatest shirk mentioned by Allah, the Most High, the Almighty, says,

“Allah forgiveth not (the sin of) joining other gods with Him; but He forgiveth whom He pleaseth other sins than this; one who joins other gods with Allah hath strayed far, far away (from the right).” (An-Nisa:l16)

January 1, 2009

Three grades of fasting

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Beliefs & Practices

By Imam Ghazali

It should be known that there are three grades of fasting: ordinary, special and extra-special.

Ordinary fasting means abstaining from food, drink and sexual satisfaction.

Special fasting means keeping one’s ears, eyes,tongue, hands and feet-and all other organs-free from sin.

Extra-special fasting means fasting of the heart from unworthy concerns and worldly thoughts, in total disregard of everything but Allah.

See not what displeases Allah

September 3, 2008

002 The Cow (Rukuh 05) (Ayats 040-046)

Quran & Tafseer, The Noble Quran

يَا بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ اذْكُرُوا نِعْمَتِي الَّتِي أَنْعَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَأَوْفُوا بِعَهْدِي أُوفِ بِعَهْدِكُمْ وَإِيَّايَ فَارْهَبُونِ (40)

[2:40] O Children of Isrā‘īl (the Israelites), remember My blessing that I conferred upon you, and fulfill the covenant with Me, and I shall fulfill your covenant, and have awe of Me alone.

وَآمِنُوا بِمَا أَنزَلْتُ مُصَدِّقاً لِمَا مَعَكُمْ وَلا تَكُونُوا أَوَّلَ كَافِرٍ بِهِ وَلا تَشْتَرُوا بِآيَاتِي ثَمَناً قَلِيلاً وَإِيَّايَ فَاتَّقُونِ (41)

[2:41] And have faith in what I have revealed, confirming what is already with you, and do not be the first to deny it, nor take a paltry price for My verses. Fear Me alone.

August 20, 2008