The second wife of Ismâ‘îl ‘alayhis salâm

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, History & Biography, Part 7 - Lives of Pious Women and Characteristics of Women, Women & Family

Prior to building the Ka’bah, Ibrâhîm ‘alayhis salâm had come to Makkah on two occasions. However, on both occasions he did not find Ismâ‘îl ‘alayhis salâm at home. Neither was he (Ibrâhîm ‘alayhis salâm) commanded to stay over in Makkah for very long (whereby he could have met his son). When he came to Makkah on the first of such occasions, the wife of Ismâ‘îl ‘alayhis salâm was at home. He asked her how she was managing. She replied: “I am in great difficulty.” He replied: “When your husband returns, convey my salâm to him and tell him to change his door-frame.” When Ismâ‘îl ‘alayhis salâm returned home and learnt everything, he replied: “That was my father and the door-frame that he was referring to is actually you. He wants me to leave you.” He therefore divorced her and married another woman.

January 11, 2011