The Rights of In-Laws

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Allah Ta’ala further states,

“….And O people! Fear that Allah by whose Name you demand your mutual rights.”

It is the Name of Allah that you use as an intermediary, as a means, as a lever to accrue the rights due to you. What does one say when a customer fails to pay for goods provided on credit? One tends to plead in Allah’s Name, saying,

“Please, for Allah’s sake, in the Name of Allah, I ask you to fulfill the debt you owe to me. Fear Allah and give me my due.”

August 12, 2011

Tauba (Repentance)

Akhlaq & Spirituality

Allah Ta’aala says: “O Believers! Make Tauba unto Allah; a pure Taubah.”

Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said: “O people! Make Taubah unto Allah.”

We have been informed in the Hadith that the second ten days of Ramadaan are the days of Maghfirat (Forgivenss). These are the days wherein Allah Ta’aala opens His “Arms” and accepts the pleas of those seeking forgiveness and hears the cries of those who repent. These are the days when Allah Ta’aala looks with pity and compassion at the sad hearts of those who are regretting their sins. These are the days when Allah Ta’aala appreciates and accepts the resolve of those who firmly decide to shun past sins and who pledge that they will abstain from the sins in future by controlling their Nafs and combating Shaytaan.

August 29, 2010

Relocation And The Qasar Salah

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Q. Family ‘A’ (father, mother and 2 major married sons) had lived permanently in Durban. The members of the family were born in Durban. They had grown up in Durban and had always regarded Durban as their permanent home. About 8 years ago, family ‘A’ moved Ladysmith, a town about 150 miles away from Durban. They settled in Ladysmith primarily for business reasons they had relocated their manufacturing plant from Durban to Ladysmith in order to take advantage of certain Government benefits and concessions arising out of such relocation of their business. The family still owns a home and other property in Durban and still runs an Office in Durban. The third son is residing in Durban with his family and the brothers and sisters of the parents and their respective family units all reside permanently in Durban. Family ‘A’ wants to know :

March 1, 2010