Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 5-Principles of Business

1. If any intoxicant is thin and flows, whether it be alcohol, toddy (an intoxicating drink made from palm juice) or anything else, and by drinking a considerable amount of it one becomes intoxicated, then even a single drop of such an intoxicant will be harâm even if one does not become intoxicated with such a meagre amount.

Similarly, it is also not permissible to use it in any medicine irrespective of whether the medicine is in the form of a syrup or in the form of an ointment. And irrespective of whether the intoxicant remains in its original form or whether its form changes due to certain chemical reactions. From this we can gauge the impermissibility of modern medicines in which alcohol is found in most of them.

November 27, 2010


Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 4-Nikah (Marriage) in Islam

1. If a husband who is mature, not a lunatic nor a mad person divorces his wife, the divorce will come into effect. As for the husband who is not mature, who is not in his senses, or is mad, by his divorcing his wife, the divorce will not come into effect.

2. A sleeping person uttered the following words: “You are divorced” or he said: “I divorce my wife.” On uttering these words, divorce does not come into effect.

July 13, 2010


Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 3-Fasting, Zakaat, Qurbani, Hajj etc.

1. All alcoholic drinks are haraam and impure. The same rule applies to toddy (a drink that is made by adding hot water and sugar to whisky, rum, or brandy). It is not permissible to consume these alcoholic drinks even as a source of medication. In fact, it is not even permissible to apply medicines that contain alcohol.

2. Apart from alcohol, it is permissible to consume all other intoxicants on the condition that they are consumed only for medication. Furthermore, only that amount will be permissible which does not intoxicate the person. If a person consumes an amount that intoxicates him, it will become haraam upon him. It is also permissible to apply medicines that contain such intoxicants. Such intoxicants are: opium, nutmeg, saffron, etc.

June 5, 2010

Wishing Valentine’s Day

Beliefs & Practices, In the Name of Love

Thus wishing greetings on such festivals too is as bad as being involved in them. It is Haram to wish Valentine to others. Somebody is drinking wine and you are applauding him, Mubarak ho! Someone is committing adultery and you are congratulating him!  Just like that somebody being involved in the festival of the kuffars and you congratulate them passing on greetings to them. As faith escapes a person who drinks alcohol, Emaan goes away by getting involved in adultery, the same case applies to celebrating western traditions which become a source of completely whisking away the Emaan from a believer. So it is necessary for us to be concerned about improving our surroundings and society; guiding our children to the straight path, improving the environment of our homes and worrying about its betterment.

February 12, 2010