The Rights of Husband, Women & Family

We do not know when Allah Ta’ala will call. No one has the guarantee of how long we are going to live, therefore how can one have this thought that when we will become old, we will perform Hajj and engage in excessive Ibaadat. My respected mothers, sisters and daughters! When you place an order for meat, then do you order the meat of an old goat or of a young goat? Listen carefully to what I am saying! Tell me! Which part of life is better? Is it youth or old age? Which is the best part of life? Youth! So what gift do you want to present to Allah Ta’ala and the Rasul ( )? Youth or old age? We should feel ashamed of ourselves, and we should repent to Allah Ta’ala.
What do you think of Allah Ta’ala and one Rasulullah ( ), that when we have become old, and are now wearing thick spectacles, our backs have become bent, someone has become a grandmother and someone has become a grandfather, then at this age we want to start thinking of Allah Ta’ala. This is an act of ingratitude! The youth that Allah Ta’ala has bestowed us with, should be sacrificed for Him alone. Do not run after outward appearances. Repent from this form of idol-worship! These are all temporary things which will come to an end. Do you not realise that a girl who is sixteen years old today, will one day become a grandmother. She will have to wear thick spectacles, she will not have any teeth left in her mouth and she will walk with her back bent. This is the case with the boys also. Today that sixteen or eighteen year old boy, who looks so handsome, after a few days, his rosy cheeks will become pressed together, his teeth will fall out, his hair will become white, he will be wearing thick magnifying-glass like spectacles, and he will become an old man. A couplet of mine is based on this:

August 20, 2011

Zakatable Assets

A Guide to Zakah - Understanding & Calculation, Fiqh

Allah Ta’ala has put the most minimum burden of monetary obligations on Muslims so that paying Zakah becomes convenient for every sahib-un-nisaab Muslim.

Firstly, it is not obligatory to pay Zakah on every asset. Rather only those assets are the subject matter of Zakah that have the potential of growth or increase. These assets may be broadly classified as follows:

1- Trading assets.

2- Cash & Cash Equivalent (like prize bonds, Travelers Checks etc)

3- Gold and silver

4- Livestock (goats, sheep, cows and camels)

5- Agricultural output.

August 19, 2011


The Rights of Husband, Women & Family

Hakeemul Ummat Mujaddidul-Millat Moulana Ashraf Ali Saheb Thanwi ( ) the author of Bahishti Zewar and a very great Aalim (scholar of Deen) has mentioned, that whoever’s heart has become hard, and instead of engaging in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala, he is troubled by the desire to sin i.e. hardness has settled into his heart, which is termed as Qasa’wat in Arabic, then for the reformation of such a heart, a prescription has been mentioned in the Hadith Shareef.

August 19, 2011


The Rights of Husband, Women & Family

In this world, there is no one who possesses the right to tell us how we should lead our lives. Not America, not Africa, not Russia not Japan! There is absolutely no one who has the right to tell us in which manner we should live our lives. The only one who possesses this right is Allah Ta’ala, Who bestowed His Beloved Rasul ( ), the Final Nabi, with this right also, because it is only by treading the path which leads to the pleasure and happiness of Allah Ta’ala, that a person can acquire peace and comfort in this world and the hearafter. If a person displeases Allah Ta’ala, his True Master, then there is no one in the entire world that can bring him peace and comfort. There is no power and might greater than Allah Ta’ala, Our True Master.

August 18, 2011


The Rights of Husband, Women & Family

Dear respected elders, brothers, sisters and daughters! Allah has revealed the Qur’aan Majeed for our guidance, so that each and every person can live his life in accordance to the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. In the 29th juz (para) of the Qur’aan Majeed, in Surah Mulk, Allah Ta’ala has mentioned that this world is a place of examination, and that He has sent us in this world to test us. He has not sent us into this world to enjoy a life of luxuary and pleasure. Therefore, to follow the path of Nafs (evil soul) and Shaytaan, to displease one’s Master, and to suffer the consequences of the punishment of the grave thereafter, is utter foolishness and contrary to the dictates of intelligence.

August 18, 2011


Akhlaq & Spirituality, Duas, The way to a Happy Married Life, Women & Family

O Allah, let us treat our wives with good character and bless the wives with taufeeq to keep their husbands happy. O Allah, Ta’ala create love between all couples. Give them a life for fulfilling Your commands and acting upon the Sunnats of our beloved Rasul (salellaho alaihe wasallam), and let them have hatred for all customs and innovations, let us all have marriages according to the Sunnat method. Save us from our evil selves and shaytan. Let us pass every breath in Your command and save us from Your displeasure. O Allah Ta’ala, bless perfect matches to boys and girls who are not married. Give them love and common understanding amongst themselves. Remove all their misunderstandings, fights, quarrels and arguments, and make their homes places of peace and contentment. O Allah Ta’ala, put mercy in the hearts of those men who are oppressing their wives, and those women who are troubling their husbands, make them good and obedient to their husbands. O Allah Ta’ala, bless all with ease, peace and contentment in the whole universe. O Allah Ta’ala, save us from the conspiracy of the Jews and the Christians. O Allah Ta’ala, destroy all their plans, which they are making to destroy the Muslims. Allah Ta’ala, accept these dua’as of ours.

August 17, 2011

Kindness to Wives

Akhlaq & Spirituality, The way to a Happy Married Life, Women & Family

Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihe) says it is wrong to reject the intercession of Allah Ta’ala, when He is, commanding to treat a wife well. She is weak and far from her parents, she is at our mercy. After giving birth to a few children she becomes weak and the husband takes out all his anger on her because she did not do some work of his. Alas! Why have you thought her to be like your maid (servant), how about you doing it yourself for a change. You were not given a wife to work for you. If she does any work for you, it is through her kindness. So Allah Ta’ala is interceding for His bondswoman, that treat your wife well, whether she be young or old, even if her teeth have fallen and her face has wrinkled. Not that when she was young and beautiful you did everything for her and now that she has grown old you treat her terribly. This in not correct. Think of this old lady who has grown old with you. When she was young and pretty you loved her, now that she is old, love her thinking it to be the command of Allah Ta’ala, and be kind to her for the same. If she has a headache, bring medicine for her and be merciful towards her.

August 17, 2011

Customary Weddings & Walimah

Akhlaq & Spirituality, The way to a Happy Married Life, Women & Family

The next Hadith is:

“The most blessed Nikah is the one in which least expenses are incurred, and is simple.”

Allah Ta’ala has put blessing in simplicity, but nowadays the weddings have to be in halls and thousands of people are invited for meals. Food is served in buffet style, free intermingling of sexes, various types of food is served, music is blaring loudly, photos are taken with the bride being displayed on the stage, if possible then the whole wedding is also put on video etc.

About buffet style eating, Allah Ta’ala states in the Holy Qur’aan,

August 16, 2011

The Rights of Husbands & Leniency towards Wives

Akhlaq & Spirituality, The way to a Happy Married Life, Women & Family

She ponders as follows, “Had I been a man and he my wife I would have handled his case.” Together with this, let wives also realize the respect and honor due to their husbands as well. If at times they happen to over step the mark, bear in mind the honor due to them. Remember the position granted to them by Allah Ta’ala and in order to earn the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala forgive them. Consider service to them as one’s great good fortune. It appears in a Hadith, if a husband goes to sleep while displeased with his wife, none of her good actions will be accepted even though she spends the entire night knocking at Allah Ta’ala’s door with Tasbeehaat. Wives should also ponder and realize that the position granted to husbands is so high that, if permission was given for anyone to make sajdah or prostrate before a human, such permission would have been given to the wife in respect of her husband.

August 15, 2011