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Hadrat Buraidah (Radi Allaahu Ta’ala Anhu) narrated that a man asked the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa SaIlam) about the time of the Salaah, to which he replied: “Offer Salaah with us these two days (today and tomorrow)”. Thereafter when the sun passed the meridian he gave command to Hadrat BilaI (Radi Allaahu Ta’ala Anhu) who uttered the call to Salaah (Aazan) then he recited the iqamah for the noon Salaah (and Zuhr Salaah was perform). Then (at the appropriate time) he commanded Hadrat Bilal and he (as usual first uttered the calls to Salaah and then) recited iqamah for the afternoon Salaah (and Asr Salaah was said). This Aazan and Salaah was performed at times when the sun was sufficiently high white and clear (i.e. its light had not faded as it does when evening falls). Then as soon as the sun had set, the Prophet commanded Bilal to call the Azan and recite iqamah for the sunset Salaah (and maghrib Salaah was perform). Then when the twilight had ended, he commanded Bilal to call the Aazan and recite iqamah for the night Salaah (Salaah – Isha was perform). Then when the dawn appeared, he commanded Bilal to call the Azan and recite iqamah for the Morning Salaah (and Salaah Fajrs was perform). Next day he commanded him to delay the noon Salaah till the extreme heat had passed and he did so, and he allowed it to be delayed till the extreme heat had passed. He observed the afternoon Salaah (Asr Salaah) when the sun was high delaying it beyond the time he had previously observed it he observed the Maghrib Salaah (Sunset Salaah) before the twilight had ended: he observed the Isha Salaah (Night Salaah) when a third of the right had passed; and he observed the (fajr Salaah) dawn Salaah when there was clear day light. Then asking where the man was who had enquired about the time of Salaah and receiving from him a reply that he was present, he said, “The time for your Salaah is within the limits of what you have seen.” [Muslim-Ma’riful Hadis]

March 23, 2010