Stealing in His Deen

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Striding in Allah’s Shade - Enriching Lives / Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Now picture in your mind a setting where there is vast security. Will the criminals and thieves dare come near that place and carry out their tomfoolery. Instead, certainly they will stay away as the caretakers of law are watching over. But today the Muslims are stealing away in Allah’s Deen. How they are breaching all his laws, attempting to deceit Him. Have the Muslims forgotten the concept of there being a Caretaker and a Custodian for this eternal religion? He too is watching over. Today His realization and consciousness is way beyond our furthest intellects. And the result of all this is obvious: firstly, there are countless sins, and on the other hand even if there is some worship [ibadat], that too, is only mere pretentiousness, having no soul involved. If the worship were done in a manner that my Allah is watching me and I am in the exalted court of my Lord and my Creator, then its regard would be incredibly unusual altogether.

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