Sihr (black magic) and the Fraudulent Aamils

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SIHR (black magic , witchcraft, sorcery) is an irrefutable reality.

Its existence is substantiated on the basis of the Qur’aan and authentic Ahaadith. There is therefore no scope for denial of this reality. Confirming the reality of sihr, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“….But the shayaateen (devils) taught people sihr and that (magic/sihr) which was revealed to Haarut and Maarut, the two angel of Baabel.
They would not teach anyone but say to (him who desired to learn the satanic science of magic): ‘Verily, we are a Fitnah (a great trial). Therefore do not commit kufr (by learning sihr from us).’ Then they (the people) would (despite the warning from the Angels)) learn from the two (i.e. Haarut and Maarut) such (sihr) by means of which they would create discord (and separation) between a husband and his wife. And they (those who learnt the black magic) could not harm anyone with it (i.e. with the sihr) except with the permission of Allah.”
(Surah Baqarah, aayat 102)

Besides this verse, there are a number of other Qur’aanic aayaat which mention the sihr o f Fir’ oun’s saahireen (sorcerers). In fact, sihr was perpetrated on even Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Surah Falaq and Surah Naas were specially revealed to combat and neutralize the satanic effects of the sihr.

From the aqeedah (belief) angle it is essential to believe in the reality of sihr. The Shar’i proofs for this reality are overwhelming and irrefutable.

However, this belief does not mean that every mishap, difficulty, sickness and calamity should be attributed to sihr.

Everything which happens on earth has natural causes created by Allah Ta’ala. Unscrupulous charlatans, quacks, fakes and frauds have succeeded to corrupt the brains of innumerable people –laymen and even Ulama – afflicting their minds with the idea that every untoward development is the effect of sihr.

Our society abounds with such frauds who portray themselves as qualified aamils who can diagnose and treat persons who are afflicted with the calamity of sihr. Experience has established that 99% of these ‘aamils’ are frauds whose motive is nothing but to fleece simple-minded people of their money. These frauds diagnose every illness, every domestic argument, every drop in sales, every financial loss, etc. as effects of sihr which some jealous family member has perpetrated by having enlisted the aid of some sangoma or sorcerer or witch. Even these sangomas are frauds who pretend that they are the masters of sihr.

One very significant feature of these fraudulent aamils is that they almost always diagnose the patient to be a victim of sihr, but invariably they are unable to eradicate the sihr.

No matter what potions and incantations they prescribe for the patient of ‘sihr’ , the victim remains uncured after having paid the aamil thousands of rands in fees. The cunning aamil, to impose the impression of his own ‘piety and sainthood’ in the minds of his unfortunate victims whom he fleeces, will not specify any fees for his devilish services.
He will present a bizarre explanat ion for extracting the money. For example, he claims that he has a jinn under his control. He operates with the assistance of the jinn to neutralize and eliminate the effects of the assumed sihr which he has diagnosed in his luckless patient. The jinn is a voracious devourer of meat according to the aamil. He therefore requires a large sum of money to feed the jinn the meat which he (the jinn) demands for the service which he will be executing in the process to eliminate the effects of the sihr which is afflicting the patient. We doubt that jinns eat meat.

According to the Hadith they eat bones, not meat.

Very recently, there was such a fraudulent aamil from Pakistan doing his rounds of fleecing stupid, simple and unsuspecting persons of large sums of money. He would put people to ease by saying that he does not charge any fees and that he treats the effects of sihr only with the Qur’aan Majeed.

But after having trapped the simple man/woman, a variety of weird acts will be unfolded as part of the process of ‘treatment’ to exorcise and eliminate the sihr. During the trance into which he has placed the patient, it will transpire that the greedy and gluttonous ‘jinn’ demands 40 kilograms of meat. The patient is required to pay R4,000 for the meat which the aamil has to buy in Pakistan and throw it in a qabrustaan (graveyard) from whence the ‘jinn’ will collect and devour it.

This particular shaitaan (the fraudulent aamil) has conned numerous persons with this cruel trick. In one area in Gauteng in a matter of a couple of days he ‘diagnosed’ 15 people as being victims of sihr. Thus, he sucked R60,000 from them.

During the weird treatment, the patient observes and perceives bizarre occurrences such as doors banging, winds howling, eggs appearing, which he/ she has to break, and from which weird objects will emerge, etc., etc. The patient will hear the ‘jinn’ speaking.

This bizarre concoction convinces the patient of the ‘authenticity’ of the devil. It is necessary to emphasize that people should not allow these weird, bizarre and supposedly supernatural stunts to trap them in the tentacles of these frauds and fakes. These weird stunts are not supernatural demonstrations. Since people are unaware of the natural causes of these weird stunts, they are tricked into the belief, that the devil (the fraudulent aamil) is a buzrug (saint) with miraculous powers. But, the reality is something entirely different. Some of these frauds have mastered the art of mesmerism, hypnotism and some other metaphysical sciences which they employ to deceive and mislead unwary and simple -minded people.

Some of these aamils operate with the aid of some satanic force. To gain such power, they practically have to renounce their Imaan and submit to all the filth and kufr of the shayaateen. Some aamils achieve the ability of demonstrating these stunts by way of amiliyaat which are occult practices which give rise to seemingly ‘supernatural’ effects.

But in reality these stunts are not at all supernatural demonstrations – or karaamaat (miracles). They are effects similar to the effects of a magnet.

A person who has never seen a magnet in his life nor has he the slightest knowledge or notion of what a magnet is, will believe the effects exercised by a large concealed magnet to be supernatural.

Most of these frauds nowadays claim to have subjugated a jinn or some jinns who assist them to eliminate the effects of sihr. When an aamil claims to be working with a subjugated jinn, then be sure that he is a haraam entity. Don’t touch him with a barge pole. Don’t even come within the confines of his satanic shadow. Stay far from such a shaitaan. With regard to such a claimant, there are two possibilities: He genuinely has subjugated a jinn or he makes a fraudulent claim to deceive you. There are such amaliyaat which enable a human being to subjugate a jinn.

If the claimant has genuinely subjugated a jinn, then according to the Shariah he is a vile faasiq guilty of a heinous major crime. Jinns are free just as insaan (human beinhgs). Just as it is haraam to enslave free human beings, so too is it haraam to subjugate a jinn.

Subjugation by way of amaliyaat is effective enslavement of a free jinn. It is haraam to enlist the services of an aamil who has truly enslaved a jinn.

On the other hand, the aamil has no jinn under his control, but makes this claim to impress and deceive. Thus, in both cases, whether the aamil genuinely operates with a jinn or whether he has no subjugated jinn, but puts forth this claim to ensnare the patient with deception, it is not permissible to enlist his services.

Another interesting reality is the natural power of jinns. A jinn has the natural, inherent power to walk through solid structures. Walls and vaults can not prevent a jinn from entering. A jinn can traverse thousands of miles in a matter of seconds. Their physical power in comparison to human being is tremendous and stupendous. Yet, the aamil who claims to have subjugated a jinn requires R4000 to feed his ‘jinn’ 40 kg of SANHA certified carrion. Minus such carrion the ‘jinn’ will not assist in the process of eliminating the effects of ‘sihr’. If a jinn requires 40 kg of meat to fill his hungry belly, there is nothing to prevent him from walking into any SANHA or MJC certified carrion meat/chicken establishment to take and devour as much carrion as he is able to consume.

Also, the aamil can command his ‘jinn’ to penetrate the gold vaults at Ford Knox where the U.S.A. stores all the gold stolen from the nations of the world and to uplift a few million dollars of gold. No vault can prevent a jinn. In short, if it was not for the bizarre and cruel nature of these haraam stunts, it would be a big joke to laugh at.

We have met numerous Muslims whose minds have become befogged with all the false claims and weird stunts of these fraudulent aamils. They become trapped in the weird and false cults propounded by the frauds and devils. They debase their Imaan and intellect by allowing themselves to believe in falsehood and to be fleeced of their hard-earned money. Even when they are not cured of the supposed effects of sihr, their minds remained trapped in the rotten and bizarre quagmire of satanism which the aamils have conjured for them.

One senior Aalim and Buzrug in Pakistan observed that if ever Shariah rule is established in Pakistan, the government should hunt down all the aamils, behead them, and hang up their corpses in public places for display as a deterrent to the shaitaani frauds who ruin the Imaan of stupid Muslims, and fleece them of their money.

On one occasion during the 1970’s this writer heard from Hadhrat Maulana Masihullah (rahmatullah alayh) who was visiting South Africa, that despite the almost complete nonexistence of genuine sihr in South Africa, numerous people are trapped in deception, and wrongly believe that their problems are the effects of sihr.

Those afflicted with problems and suffering from sicknesses should understand that all these developments have their natural causes. They should repose Yaqeen in Allah Ta’ala. Adopt the correct mundane measures to resolve the problem, e.g. correct medical treatment for sickness, and supplicate to Allah Ta’ala for cure, safety and protection against all calamities. For protection against sihr and satanic forces, recite the three Qul Surahs, Aayatul Kursi, the last Ruku’ of Surah Baqarah. Have faith and conviction that nothing can harm or benefit, but with the permission of Allah Ta’ala. Obey and please Allah Ta’ala. He will take care of you and protect you.

3 Replies to “Sihr (black magic) and the Fraudulent Aamils”

  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    I have seen some person who scold & beat whoever it is at times. Psychiatrists name it like seizure or bipolar disorder. This also gets cured in time with proper medications and rest. But during the affected time they are completely a different person. Also improper medications bring the sickness back.

    Some people refer this as the person is affected by jinn. If its by jinn how it gets cured by medicine.

    If its a Psychic disorder why they act very weird even to the level of hurting very loved ones, speaking dirty, etc.,

  2. How do you know he/she is a muw^min jinn? Could be a con-jinn. There are frauds and pretenders among humans, surely there are frauds and pretenders among them.

    Trust none. Do not accept any of their offer to help even if the jinn claim to be the qariyn of Rasuwlullaah S’AWS.

    No one. Not man nor jinn is going to offer him or herself to someone’s servitude without getting something back in return.

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