Hadith & Seerah, The Teachings of the Holy Prophet, The Ways of the Prophet (SAWS) / Saturday, April 10th, 2010

1. If any one or more of the wajibat (essentials of Salaah) Salaah are left out owing to forgetfulness, it is obligatory to perform Sajdatus Sahw which makes up the deficiency. If this is not done then the Salaah has got to be repeated. [Bahishti Zewar]

2. If any obligatory item of Salaah (Salaah) is inadvertently left out, the Salaah will not be valid even if Sajdatus Sahw is offered. In such a case the Salaah shall have to be repeated. [Durrul Mukhtar]

3. The manner of offering Sajdatus Sahw is as follows: After recitation of Tahiyyah one must turn to right for salutation and perform two prostrations (Sajdahs), to be followed by tahiyyah, durud and dua (supplication) in the normal way and then turn to right and left for salutation to end the Salaah. [Fatawa -e- Hindiya, Sharh -al- Bidayah]

4. If out of forgetfulness, one performs Sajdatus Sahw just before salutation, the Sajdah is still valid and Salaah is in order. [Sharh -al- Bidayah, Tehtani, Bihisti Zewar]

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