Sacrifice the 3rd Wajib of the 10th ZilHijja

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Saturday, November 7th, 2009

It is Wajib for a Qarin and a Mutamatte’ that after being free from Rami they do not have their heads shaven or their hair cut until they discharge their Wajib of offering sacrifice ; otherwise they will fall under the obligation of Dam. Offering sacrifice is not Wajib, of course, for a Mufrid who has worn Ihram for Hajj only. For him, it is Mustahab only. It is lawful for him not to offer any sacrifice and to have his head shaven.

Rule Of Action
If Qarin and Mutamatte’ cannot afford to spend money or offering sacrifice, they can keep ten fasts in compensation thereof but this is subject to the condition that three fasts out of the ten must be kept upto the day of ‘Arafa. The rest seven fasts can be kept after return whenever convenient. If the above mentioned three fasts are not kept upto Arafa, the sacrifice will stand binding to be offered. In case the pilgrim does not afford sacrifice he will be allowed to get himself relieved from the restrictions of Ihram by having his head shaven but at the same time he will be obliged to offer two Dams. One for Qarin or Tamattu and the other for Jinayat which becomes Wajib on account of having his head shaven before offering sacrifice (Zubda).

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