Return to Makkah from Mina

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Now on the way from Mina to Makkah your staying for a while at the place of Muhassab is Sunnat. Nowadays, the conveyance of Motor Lorries is not usually in one’s own control. It is therefore very difficult to stay anywhere on the way. As such, there is no harm if due to this helplessness one does not stay at Muhassab (Zaubda).

Out of the practices of Hajj the only responsibility you have now to discharge is Tawaf-e-Wida which is Wajib on your return from Makkah. As long as you stay in Makkah you should often perform Nafl Tawaf as many as you can. Presence in Haram, Tawaf to Baitullah, beholding Baitullah with veneration, prayers in Haram and recital of the name of Allah and the recital of the Holy Quran should be considered as a great boon which, who knows, one may or may not happen to achieve my more.

The Holy Quran should be recited in full at least once in Haram. Alms and charity should be extended as much as possible. Love with the people of Makkah and due respect to them considered necessary and looking down upon them should be strictly avoided. All kinds of sins, small or grievous, should be carefully abstained from, because in Haram of Makkah, as the reward for one act of adoration is equivalent to one lac of them, likewise the punishment of a sin commited in Haram is most grievous (Zubda).

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