Remedy for Anger

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If you are a hot-tempered person, get taweez for yourself. Recite بسم ال الرحمن الرحيم seven times and blow onto the food so that when the other family members also eat this food, they too will remain safe from anger.

Recite the same and blow on the water used for cooking. Inshallah the whole household will have a merciful spirit. A person who has this realization that he needs a taweez for his anger is at least a human, because he realized it.

A few months ago, a person wrote a letter from Jeddah stating that there is always quarrel and fighting taking place between wife, my children and me. Everyone is suffering from anger. I wrote to him to recite بسم ال الرحمن الرحيم seven times and blow onto the food. Together with this, everyone should recite یاسبوح یاقدوس یاغفور یاودود whenever one remembers, but as much as one can tolerate. For those who suffer from intense anger, they should mix glucose, a lemon and three spoons of husk in a glass of cold water and drink it daily. The heat and intensity experienced in the state of anger will subside.

After a month, the same person wrote that the entire house has become the embodiment of peace and tranquility.

Anger is a very dangerous thing. Through it many homes have broken. A man came knocking at my door at twelve in the night, saying, “I divorced my wife in anger, now that the anger has cooled I cannot sleep feeling sorry for my little children and missing my wife terribly.” I told him, “Because you have shot all three arrows of divorce at once you must now face the consequences.” This man said, “I did it in anger.” To which I replied, “Whether you utter these words in anger or happiness it takes effect.” Another point to learn here is that anger is very shrewd. How? One man weighs a hundred kilograms and says to someone who is weaker than him, “move out of my way, I am getting mad with anger.” However, another man arrives on the scene who weighs a hundred and fifty kilograms and is much stronger, now this hundred-kilogram man says, “sorry sir, forgive me, I made a mistake.” This shows that anger is taken out on one who is weaker than oneself. One who remembers Allah Ta’ala’s Might and Power will not go out of control in anger. A Sahabi was beating his slave, Rasulullah (salellaho alaihe wasallam) saw him and said, Allah has more power over you then you have over this slave The Sahabi (radhiallaho anho) said, “I turned around and saw that it was none other than Rasulullah (salellaho alaihe wasallam) The Sahabi then said, “I free this slave for the sake of Allah.” Upon this, Rasulullah (salellaho alaihe wasallam) said, “Had you not freed this slave, the fire of Jahannam would have wrapped itself around you.”

So remember the Might of Allah when you get angry.

There is a Hadith to the effect that:

One who controls his anger, Allah will save him from His punishment on the day of Qiyaamah.

Hazrat Abu Bakr (radhiallaho anho) got very angry with his cousin for some reason. Allah Ta’ala informed him through His Messenger (salellaho alaihe wasallam) “O Abu Bakr, would you not love (to forgive this servant of Mine who has taken part in the Battle of Badr?) And I will forgive you on the day of Qiyaamah.”

Upon this, Hazrat Abu Bakr (radhiallaho anho) took an oath “By Allah! I love that Allah forgives me (I too forgive my cousin’s mistakes)”

One person got very angry with his wife because there was a lot of salt in the food, but then he remembered Allah and decided not to say anything to her. Secretly he said to Allah, “O Allah, she is my wife and Your bondswoman too.” This is what people forget. Men who have oppressed their wives have suffered severe calamities in their life.

The punishment of oppression is very severe. Therefore, this person, whose wife had put too much salt in the food, forgave her. When he passed away, someone asked him in a dream as to how Allah Tala treated him. He replied that Allah had reminded him about his tolerance about the cooling of his anger upon his wife, for putting too much salt in the food. This he had done to please Allah. For this, he was forgiven. Hazrat Moulana Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihe) narrated this incident in his lecture. Therefore, one should be very careful in matters of wives, children, parents and relatives.

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