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Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Saturday, February 20th, 2010

It is natural to be passionate, while dealing with the matters relating to the Jihad. But sometimes it boils over and leads to unfair and unjustified criticism of colleagues and other departments, such behaviour is counter productive and harmful to the Jihad.

It is true that in the past much unfairness was directed toward the people engaged in the propagation, information and publication of the Jihad. The work of this department was not as appreciated as it deserves. But such an unsuccessful approach is the thing of the past now. Now by the grace of Allah Ta`ala, all those concerted attempts to suppress the Jihad have vaporised into thin air and a large number of people have come to the fore who understand the Jihad in its entire complexity and are well capable of presenting the Jihad sincerely, intelligently, passionately and effectively, so that the Muslim Ummah could have a better and well deserved understanding of the Jihad.

The virtues of the Jihad are in such abundance that the need for any competition between the departments is nonexistent.

The speakers and authors on the topic of the Jihad, should bear in mind that the Jihad is the protector of not only the entire aspect of the Deen, but also the protector of the Islamic etiquette’s. The Jihad not only safeguards the fundamental acts of worship, such as the Daily Salaah or the Hajj, but it also safeguards the Aadab. The Jihad is the means of establishing the supremacy of Allah’s Deen in every corner of Allah’s earth. Therefore the Jihad ought not to be presented in such a manner which would belittle the effort of any participant or insult any section of the Jihad.

AlhamdulilLah, up until now the Mujahideen have successfully observed these etiquettes, but as the Movements expand and new personnel will be taken on board, the danger of some encroachment in this area could not be overlooked. To portray the importance of one section against the other in such a manner that might create ill-feelings and tensions between the various sections which caused untold harm to many a large organisation in the past and caused divisions among their leaders, therefore I request to you all, by all means, present the Jihad to the world as much as possible, at as many places as possible and present it as boldly as you can, deliver it so effectively that the darkness of ignorance disappears and deliver the case for the Jihad with such irrefutable arguments and evidences that it will shatter the flimsy clouds of doubts and misrepresentation. Express the importance of the Jihad in clear, simple and precise tone and in such a language that could be understood by everyone.

Present the Jihad with such passion and commitment that it will send waves of shudder in the spines of Anti-Jihad lobbyists. But these speeches, lectures, briefings and articles ought to be totally free from any insult to any sections of the Deen. The importance of the centres of Islamic learning, religious shrines and places of sanctity and the work of Tableegh ought not to be affected. The value of the Revered Sunnah and the Nawafil are not reduced and the active participants in any branch of the Deen ought not to be devalued.

Here I feel it necessary to explain, that by entering into the arena of defamation and accusation of any religious establishment or organisation, rebounds and inflicts damage and harm to those who have instigated such policies. Such evidence abounds in the pages of history. On the other hand our Salaf ul Saliheen who have raised the anthem of the Jihad at the far flung corners of the world, because they refrained from criticism and abuse, so Allah Ta`ala had accepted their efforts and bestowed upon them the success. Their opponents were left agape and could not find any excuse to point an accusing finger towards them.

Therefore it is extremely important for the Mujahideen and the Deen to understand that the various sections of the religion are similar to the various organs of the human body, and any damage inflicted upon one organ of the body will inevitably affect the whole body. Similarly any damage inflicted upon one section will harm the whole body of the religion.

We pray to Allah Ta`ala that all the various sections of Islam (may it be the centres of learning, or the Masajid, or the shrines and the places of sanctity or the Tableeghi Jama’at) will accept and adopt the above mentioned practice. If there is full co-operation among these four sections, then with the blessings of Allah Ta`ala, Allah’s commandments will be established upon the earth and the dawn of such a Khilafah might appear on the horizon, the glad tidings of which Allah’s Last Rasool SallalLahu-alayhi Wasallam has given to us.

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