Recitation (of the Holy QURAAN) in Fajr Salaah

Hadith & Seerah, The Teachings of the Holy Prophet, The Ways of the Prophet (SAWS) / Friday, May 14th, 2010

Hadrat Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet recited in the two rak’ahs of Fajr Salaah (sunnah), surah al-Kafirun (CIX) and surah al-lkhlâS (CXII), In other tradition it has been reported that the Messenger of ALLAH said: How excellent these two surahs are that they are recited in Fajr Salaah (sunnah).

In some traditions recitation of other surahs (by the Prophet) has been reported. The Messenger of ALLAH (SallAllahu Ataihi Wa Sallam) used to recite in Fajr Salaah:

1. Surah at – Qaf (L) and passages (surahs) of similar length and his Salaah thereafter was short. [Muslim]

2. Sometimes Surah at-Takwir (XCII) — [Muslim]

3. Sometimes Surah al-Muminun (XXVIII) [Muslim]

4. And Surah al-Zilzal (XCIX) [Sunan Abu Dawud]

5. Ayat from surah al-Baqara (II) Say, we believe in ALLAH and in the revelation given to us. AND From Surah al – lmran (Ill) the ayat.

Hadrat Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet used to recite at the dawn Salaah on Friday As – Sajdah (XXXII) and surah ad – Dahr (LX)(Vl). [Muslim, Bukhari]

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