Women & Family / Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) spoke highly of women with the following two qualities:

1)   Loving and intelligent care for her children.

2)   Protecting her husband’s wealth.

It is a great pity that most women today, reeling under the impact of the liberal and kufr cult of the west, are sorely deficient in these two qualities so necessary for the Pious Muslim Woman. Babies are assigned to the care of non-Muslim maids who utterly lack any akhlaaq and honor. Muslim children must necessarily suffer great moral harm in the care of non-Muslim maids.

Some mothers again, dump their infants in a nursery school while they are off to participate in unjustified worldly activities. Every reason presented in justification of assigning children to the care of others, is rejected by Islam. The trust (amaanat) of children is given by Allah Ta’ala to parents, not to maids or nursery establishments which are systems of the kuffaar. It is indeed a grave crime for parents to abandon their amaanat and assign their children into such custody which is viewed by Islam as being unauthorized.

It is imperative for a Muslim baby to grow up in the lap and bosom of its mother, not in the custody of people devoid of Islamic morals and enveloped in spiritual najasat (kufr) and physical najasat (hadth, janabat, etc.)

The place of the growing Muslim child is in its parent’s home under the watchful and affectionate eyes of its mother. Its place is not in some nursery school or crèche functioning along a hybrid kaffir/Muslim system. It is the obligatory (wajib) duty of a Muslim woman to take personal charge of her children and relentlessly and patiently lead and guide them along the lofty paths of morality and knowledge the shariah has ordained for all Muslims.

It is also a great pity that women of today always express ingratitude for the favors bestowed on them by their husbands. Their complaints with regard to money for the acquisition of luxuries are never-ending. The income of the husband is never enough. His wealth is squandered in unnecessary avenues and to acquire items which he cannot afford.

The wife’s nagging and hankering after dispensable luxuries induce a weak husband to fall into the snare of credit and even riba (interest) to satisfy her insatiable demands. But, Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam described the pious woman as a woman who guards her husband’s wealth. Women of Islam should be diligent in this respect.

Greed and impatience disrupt the happy home relationship and the barkat which should always be in a Muslim home disappears.

Once Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam saw a woman with two children. She was carrying one in her arms and holding the other by his hand. On observing this tender scene, Nabi sallallahu alaihi was sallam commented:

“These women firstly bear (in travail) these children within their wombs; then they give birth (in travail) to them; then they care for them with great love and affection. If their relationship with their husbands is not bad, then, those among them who perform regular salaat will certainly enter Jannat”.

Loving care for children, faithful and loving service to the husband and steadfastness in the obligatory acts of ibaadat are the essential requisites for the qualification of ‘Al-mar’atus salihah’.


  1. salam. its an amazing article. we muslims are neglecting our new generations and becoz of that fact only we are lacking behind in our morals. this article shows how a basic islamic activity can create a gud human being. i realy feel blessed that i m a muslim.. allah-hafiz

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