Propagating, Publicising and informing on Jihad

Jihad, Understanding Jihad (The Mujahid's Guide) / Saturday, February 20th, 2010

During the training and education of the members, the emphasis should not only be on their spiritual enhancement but it should also be on the enhancement of their mental agility and brightness.

There are certain groups in the Ummah, who put all the emphasis on the spiritual enhancement, they rigorously pursue the sittings of the ZikrulLah and the Muraaqebah, but sadly their minds become void of the longing for the greatness of Islam and the concern for the protection of Muslims. They consider it as a sin even to talk about the problems facing the Muslims and they regard the practical establishment of Islam as a waste of time.

To them slaughtering of the inner devil is vital, but they regard the slaughtering of the enemies of Allah Ta`ala, disdainful. This limited and narrow approach to the Religious teachings and practices, turn them away from other essential and important Teachings of Islam.

As a result of such perceptions and practices, they cut themselves off from other Islamic collective responsibilities and they loose the heat of the passion and the enthusiasm for the ascendancy of the Islamic struggle. They become disinterested with the world events around them and they neither strive to remove the oppressive rulers, or to snatch the freedom from the hands of the Kuffaar. Eventually they become totally cut off from the real world and become so distant from the actual commandments of Allah Ta`ala and his Rasool SallalLahu- alayhi Wasallam that ‘NaoozhubilLah’ they declare it to be a sin, to engage in the virtuous religious activities and deeds of the Jihad and the establishment of Allah’s supremacy upon the earth.

On the other end, there exist a section of the Ummah, who do posses high ideals and involvement in the problems they are facing, but for whom the enhancement of spirituality is an anathema, ‘NaoozhubilLah’ the people of this section are vocal in addressing the Muslim’s problems, well versed in their observance of the political tides and are fully rehearsed in the Islamic revolutionary slogans. But with all these ideals and philosophies, with all their rhetoric and political awareness, their souls have never tasted the sweetness of Islam. Nor they ever in their whole lives consider for even a second, the Islamic beliefs and practices.

All their lip service, the beating of the drums loudly in public for Islam, is nothing but a ruse to achieve their own goals, positions and power. They could devote lengthy periods to prepare their speeches against the government, but could not move a muscle to attend the five times Salaah.

They visit the Masjid to rally support, but like a thief they disappear from the scene as soon as the robbery is committed. For them spiritualism, ethical and moral practices of Islam are an alien concept. They have beliefs in their prowess and abilities, but they have forgotten their Creator, for whose obedience only, they were created.

This assessment is not based on exaggeration, but as a matter of fact the presence of these two distinct groups can be observed in the present Islamic societies of the world.

In order to avoid the defects and shortcomings of these two groups and their perceptions and practices, the Jihad organisations ought to prepare their training and educational structure in such a way, that it would include not only the spiritual awakening and practices, but also the individual political and organisational acumen and abilities and it would be able to produce passionate hearts and intelligent minds both at the same time. It would be able to enhance the mental capabilities, as well humility and humbleness before Allah Ta`ala.

It would be able to provide the affective methods of solving the international problems and it would also prepare the participants for the greatest sacrifice in the cause of Islam. This type of structure would bring forth, such a calibre of people whose words would sink in immediately to the hearts of the listeners yet it would be totally free from any vile and disgusting self-interest and craving for power.

During the process of devising such a training and educational system, one should bear in mind that proper and beneficial intellect depends totally upon the virtuous heart and soul and the virtuous heart and soul depends upon the wise manifestation of the Islamic beliefs and thoughts.

This balanced approach, this best of both worlds’ system, will produce a crop of the Mujahideen, that would be as brave as tigers during the day and would be as humble as doves during the night, their humility and devotion to Allah Ta`ala is at its peak during the nights. They would meet the challenge of the enemies in every field and would counter any logistic manoeuvre of the enemy. Yet they will be equipped to beseech and beg for Allah’s Help and the victory which Allah Ta`ala has promised them. They would be prepared to chop off the hands of oppression against Muslims anywhere in the world and they would perform their task diligently and to the best of their abilities, yet they will never forget to raise their hands for prayers to their Creator.

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