Akhlaq & Spirituality, Fiqh / Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Prophet Muhammad Sallalaho-alaihe-wa’aalaihee-wassalam said:

“All people of my Ummah can be forgiven but those who openly rebel against Allah will not be forgiven.” (Saheeh Bukhari)

Following are eight forms of open rebellion against Allah:

1. Shave or trim beard beyond the limits of shariah,

2. Not taking shariah compliant hijab(also hijab against those near relatives who are not mehram, like cousins, brothers of husband, nephews of husband etc.),

3. Wearing of clothes reaching below ankles by men,

4. Unnecessarily making photographs of people or animals, and going to places with photographs, and having such photographs and looking at them,

5. Listening to music,

6. Watching T.V,

7. Eating haram (like earnings from bank, insurance, prize bonds etc)

8. Backbiting and listening to it.

May Allah save us from these open rebellions.

(Abridged version of fatwa by Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhiyanwi rehmatullah alaih, Darul afta wal irshad, Jamia tur Rasheed Karachi, Pakistan on 26, Rajab, 1415 A.H)

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