Paying Kaffarah on Breaking an Oath

Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 3-Fasting, Zakaat, Qurbani, Hajj etc. / Sunday, August 31st, 2008

1. If a person breaks his oath, he will have to pay a
kaffarah which comprises feeding 10 persons with two meals each. Alternatively,
he could give dry groceries to each poor person. When giving wheat, he should
give approximately one and half to two kilos. When giving barley, he should give
approximately three to four kilos. For the rest of the details connected to
feeding the poor refer to the chapter on kaffarah for fasting. This has been
mentioned previously.

Alternatively, he could give some clothing to 10 poor
persons. The clothing must be such that it can cover a major portion of the poor
person’s body. For example, if he gives a sheet or a long kurta, the
kaffarah will be fulfilled. However, this clothing that he gives should not be
very old. If each poor person is given a lungi or a pants, the kaffarah
will not be fulfilled. But if he gives a kurtah with it as well, the
kaffarah will be fulfilled.

A person has the choice of either giving food or
clothing. The kaffarah will be fulfilled with any one of the two. The
above-mentioned rule regarding clothing is only applicable if the clothing is
given to a man. If clothing is given to a poor woman, it must
be such that her entire body is covered and she is able to offer salaat with
that clothing. If the clothing is less than this, the kaffarah will not be

2. If a person is poor and is therefore unable to feed
or clothe 10 poor people, he will have to fast for three days consecutively. If
he does not fast consecutively for three days, and instead misses a fast or two
in between, the kaffarah will not be fulfilled. If a person fasts for two days,
and misses a fast on the third day for some reason or the other, he will have to
recommence fasting. The first two fasts will not be

3. Prior to breaking his oath, a person gave the
kaffarah. After giving the kaffarah, he broke his oath. The kaffarah which he
had given will not be valid. After breaking his oath, he will have to give
kaffarah again. Whatever he had given to the poor persons prior to breaking his
oath cannot be taken back from them.

4. A person took an oath several times. For example, he
said: “I swear by Allah that I will not do that work.” Later, he repeats the
same oath irrespective of whether he repeats it on the same day, the next day or
even on the third day. Alternatively, he says: “I swear by God, I swear by
Allah, I swear by the Quran that I will definitely do that work.” Thereafter,
this person breaks this oath of his. He will only have to give one kaffarah for
all these oaths.

5. A person had taken several oaths and therefore had
to give several kaffarahs. According to the preferred opinion, he will have to
give a separate kaffarah for each oath that he had taken. If the person does not
give it during his lifetime, it will be wajib upon him to make a bequest
in this regard before he leaves this world.

6. The food or clothing that is given as kaffarah will
have to be given to those poor persons who are eligible to receive

5 Replies to “Paying Kaffarah on Breaking an Oath”

  1. Hi,
    My name is ameer from dubai. I made an oath to allah not to do zina but again it happened and i cannot even believe it now and I’m filled with shame. I did repent placing my hand on Quran and paid 50 aed for orphans. I said i will maintain this oath until my last breath. I want to know weather that is enough? or what is the kaffarah for breaking the oath about zina.
    Thank you

  2. i swore allah ki kasam on smthing my friend asked saying that its true when actually i lied i feel really ashamed and cant even sleep pls tell me what to do and if i give food to 10 poor people will allah forgive me?

  3. Aslam-o-Alaikum sir
    i took oath by reading kalma i will not do some thing for my fried… plz tell mewhich kind of kaffarah i should do ???/ it is oath of kalma shareef…

  4. My wife made me to take an Oath by keeping my hand on the HOly Quran. Know i want to change some conditions of the Oath. Can I change it by seeking permission from my wife or i cannot change it? Also let me know how the Oath can be finished with out breaking it since I havenot broken the oath till date.

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