Pakistanis And Indians Where To Wear Ihram

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

It is noteworthy that for the Afaqi people Ihram is obligatory to be worn on Miqat or on the point confronting Miqat. It is not permissible to step forward towards Mecca without Ihram beyond Miqat or the point confronting Miqat. If anyone does so, he will be under obligation to offer Dam.

Yet it is not only permissible but also preferable to wear Ihram before Miqat or the point confronting Miqat.

Since the introduction of traveling by aeroplanes, there have been two routes for Pakistani and Indian travellers. One is the sea route and the other is the air route. There are separate rules of action regarding Ihram for both the routes.

Rule Of Action By The Sea Route
As the steamer sails on the sea along the coast, there is no Miqat on the way upto Jedda, nor such a point as to confront the Miqat so as the wearing of Ihram may become obligatory while saailing on the sea. But, of course, after passing by the port of Aden, the point confronting Yalamlam, the Miqat for the people of Yemen, is well known. For that very reason, the pilgrims on board wear Ihram, at this place considering it as confronting point. It is not only permissible, but also preferable to wear Ihram at this confronting point. But since the traveller has to reach Jedda from outside, without crossing the point confronting Yalamlam facing towards the venerable Mecca; and until he reachers Jedda, he does not confront the Miqat while going towards Ka’ba, it is also permissible if anyone delays to wear Ihram till the reachers Jedda, and wears it on arriving at Jedda. Detailed arguments on this rule will be found in my urdu treatise “Ahkame Mawaqit”.

For Pilgrims Travelling By Air
It is well understood that the pilgrims travelling by air have to cross, often unknowingly, the Miqat of Najd or Iraq or their confronting points. Even, sometimes proceeding to Jeddah, they have to cross the very precincts of Haram. They, therefore, have no choice to wear their Ihram after landing on Jeddah. It is incumbent upon them to wear Ihram at Karachi Air port or during their voyage, not later than one or one and half hour after the aeroplane takes off. It is the only way to avoid the risk of crossing Miqat without Ihram. If they fail to do so, they will be sinful as well as under an obligation to offer a ‘Dam’.

For Indian Pilgrims Proceeding Form Bombay
On consulting the map it is estimated that their aeroplane also reaches Jedda after crossing the confronting point of the Miqat for Najd or Iraq. Therefore these gentlemen should also wear Ihram at Bombay Air port or at the time when an hour or one and a half hour passes after the aeroplane takes off.

On Reaching Jedda
The travellers by both the routes, air and sea, first reach Jedda. It is not therefore improper to call Jedda as the geteway to Haramain. On reaching Jedda thanks should be offered to Allah as the cherished destination has drawn nearer, Ihram will either be already worn, otherwise it may be worn on reaching here. Talbiyah should be repeated with a loud voice at suitable intervals. The whole of the time spared from necessities of life should be kept busy with the remembrance of Allah the Now, the journey from Jedda to Mecca is very short by motor vehicles. At a short distance beyond the intermediate travelling destination ‘Bahra’ the two pillars of the ‘Haram’ boundaries will become visible. Herefrom onward begins the Haram of Mecca.

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