Beliefs & Practices, Live like brothers Deal like strangers / Monday, February 2nd, 2009

However, this distribution is an order of the Shariah. The necessity of having our matters absolutely clear also requires that the estate should be speedily distributed. Ignoring this basic order also becomes a means of serious conflict. As time passes, the other heirs constantly remember their right in the estate which they have not received as yet. They are grieved by this. Also as time passes the value of the estate differs greatly compared to the time of the death of the father. Hence, since nothing was clarified, the matter now becomes complicated. To amicably resolve the complications becomes a difficult matter. As a result the matter finally results in disputes, quarrels, and fights. (Often one particular member of the family takes it upon himself to handle the winding up process. He alone knows what he is doing. Sometimes months and years drag along and the other heirs are not even informed of what is happening. This creates much suspicion and ill-feeling which later explodes into severe conflicts and disputes. It is therefore necessary that all the heirs should sit down together as soon as possible and mutually decide as to how the winding-up process should be handled. All the heirs should then be regularly informed as to what progress has been made)

If the estate was speedily wound-up and distributed in accordance to the command of the Shariah and all the matters of the estate were mutually finalised, very little possibility would have existed for any conflict to arise. In fact, it would have become a means of greater love and unity among the family members.

The above are just three simple examples of problems that result from a lack of clarity in our dealings. In reality, the lack of clarity in financial matters has become such a disease that has affected all sectors of our society and kindled the flames of fitnah and disputes.

Whether the matter is big or small — it must be absolutely clear. No shyness or embarrassment or the consideration of any relationship must become an obstacle in clarifying the matter. Once the matter has been cleared and all the conditions, etc. have been determined, each one should extend the greatest kindness and generosity possible to the other. This is the meaning of the golden rule:


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