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Beliefs & Practices, Chapter 05, Islam & Modernism / Sunday, August 17th, 2008

We come across numerous interesting “new Interpretations” in the book named “Islam” written by the Director of Islamic Research, Dr. Fazlur Rehman. According to him only three daily Salah were originally made obligatory, and two more were added in the last years of the Prophet’s life. Hence their number has the possibility of accepting changes.

“Anyhow, the fact that basically there were three daily Salah is also supported by the incidence that there is one narration according to which Prophet (PBUH) has converted the four Salah into two”. Anyway it happened in the post-prophetic era that the number of Salah without any alternative choice, was strictly fixed as five. In this way the fact that the number was basically three got swept away in the flood of traditions reported in support of the number of five”. (Monthly “Fikr-o-Nazar, vol: 5, p.259)

This is the “new Interpretation”. According to this, on one side “the flood of authentic prophetic traditions” which described the number of Salah as five from the very beginning of Islam is false and self-invented; on the other side the single narration describing the incidence of “combining the two Salah” has been considered by them as most reliable. Then again the term “combining two Salah” has been taken to mean that the Prophet had converted four into two. This is the most interesting example of the expertise in the “new Interpretation”. If you have read this narration you will definitely enjoy the fallacies of thought.’ This is the way of argument about which somebody has said,” You can prove everything by everything.”

This is just one example that we have presented. If you go through the exegeses of these modernists you will come across many “master pieces” of their “new Interpretations”; Wahy (Divine revelations) is interpreted as the Prophet’s own words; Angels mean water, electricity etc.; Iblis (Satan) as the fantasy; Jinns as the savage tribes; mankind as the civilized people; Death is unconsciousness, disgrace or disbelief; life means honor and dignity, state of consciousness or embracing Islam etc.
If you keep the above exegetic points in view you will know that we have not exaggerated at all. Anyway, this was just a parenthesis. We wanted to impress that if we adopt the style of making arguments dependent on preconceived thoughts even Christianity can be proved from the Qur’an itself, and so can be Judaism, Socialism and Capitalism. Adopting the same style Dr. Pervaiz has proved Darwin’s theory of evolution in his book “Iblis aur ‘Adam” from the Qur’an. Also he has derived an economic system of socialist style from the Qur’anic phrase (Establish your prayers of worship). It is the same style of interpretations by which Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani had pleaded that by Damishk (Damascus) the Prophet had meant Qadiy’an, the Mirza’s headquarters.

Thus we see that the system of modernists is that they first fix some ideas themselves, label them as the exigencies of time and then impose the Qur’an and Hadith through their “new Interpretation” on them. This is the very first brick the angulations of which has resulted in the crookedness of the entire structure of their views and thoughts, and this is the fundamental reason why their thoughts have entered the limits of ‘distortion’ overthrowing all principles, rules and regulations of research and knowledge.

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