Fiqh, Kitaab us Saum / Friday, September 26th, 2008

(1) The same rules which apply to a man observing I’tikaf in the Musjid, apply to a woman observing I’tikaf in her place of seclusion at home.

(2) When necessity, e.g. Juma’h Salat in another Musjid, compels the Mu’takif to leave his Musjid, it will be permissible for him to enquire about a sick person or generally engage in good conversation without departing from the road. He must not unnecessarily stop on the road.

(3) During I’tikaf it is not permissible to leave the Musjid for even a Sunnat ghusl.

(4) It is permissible for the Muath-thin who is in I’tikaf to enter the minaret for the Athan.

(5) Whilst standing inside the Musjid it is permissible for the Mu’takif to protrude his lie-ad out of the window.

(6) Emission of semen, e.g. in a wet dream, does not invalidate the I’tikaf.

(7) A woman’s I’tikaf is proper if she has the consent of her husband.

(8) The I’tikaf of a child who understands the meaning of I’tikaf, is valid. Buloogh (puberty) is not a condition for the validity of I’tikaf.

(9) It is permissible to sleep on a bed in the Mu’takaf (the place cordoned off for sleeping and eating).

(10) A person who is not in I’tikaf should not join the Mu’takif for iftar or eating unless he also makes a niyyat for I’tikaf. Such an I’tikaf will be Nafl and its duration can be even for a minute. The person should make niyyat of I’tikaf, then engage in some thikr and Salat. Thereafter lie may do as he pleases, e.g. join the Mu’takif in eating.

(11) The Mu’takif should remain at all times with wudhu. If his wudhu breaks, it will be permissible for him to leave the Musjid for the purpose of wudhu, even if it is not yet time for Salat. After making wudhu, lie should perform at least two raka’ts Tahiyyatal -wudhu. Similarly, it will be permissible for him to leave the Musjid to make wudhu at night to enable him to sleep with wudhu.

(12) If for some reason the I’tikaf of Ramadhan was rendered void (broken), it will not be necessary to leave the Musjid. The remaining days may still be observed and qadha of the day/s rendered void should be made.


  1. sir i want to know k agr 1 lady aitkaf rakhte hai but akhre din us ko periods ho jaty hai to what she do?kya wo apna aitkaf tor dy ya nahi?plz rply me

  2. During periods (menses)Fast is not allowed.It is unlawful(Haraam).For sunnat or wajib itekaf fast is compulsory.So because of periods itekaf will be broken.(void).

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