Marriage Ceremonies in Mosques

Akhlaq & Spirituality, Beliefs & Practices, Contemporary Fatawa, Fiqh / Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Q . In Western countries, Muslim parents arrange the marriage ceremony of their sons and daughters in their Mosques because the option of renting a suitable hall is generally not available, or affordable. The ceremony is followed by music or dance programs at some places. Is it permissible to hold such programs in the Mosques?

A. As for the solemnizing of marriage, holding it in Mosques is a recommended practice according to the Ahadith of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam). But, singing and dancing are not permissible under any condition. Therefore, the holding of marriage ceremonies in Mosques, ceremonies which include such forbidden and immodest practices is not permissible.

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