Laylatul Qadr (Hadith 03)

Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Ramadan (Fazail e Aamaal) / Monday, August 15th, 2011

Anas R.A. reports that Rasulullah S.W. SW said, “On the Night or Power Jibraeel A.S. descends to the earth with the group of angels, praying for blessings on every servant of Allah they see standing in worship or sitting and celebrating Allah’s praises. Then on the day of ‘Iyd. Allah boasts about them to the angels, “O angels, what is the reward of that employee who had fully completed his service?” they reply, ‘O our Sustainer, his reward should be given in full’. To this Allah replies; ‘O my angels, verily My servants, the ales among them as well as the females have performed the obligatory duty upon them, thereafter they set forth to the ‘Iydgaah raising their voices n prayer to Me. I swear by My honour, by My Grace, by My High Position of greatness, that I shall surely answer the prayer of those people”. Thereafter Allah says (addressing the people) “Return, certainly I have forgiven your sins and have exchanged your evil deeds withs righteous ones”. Rasulullah S.W. SW said, “Those people then return (from the ‘Iydgaah) in forgiven state.

Reported by Bayhaqi in Shu-abul Iymaan.


In this Hadith it is clearly mentioned that Jibraeel A.S. comes down with the angels. The author of Ghaaliyatul Mawaa-‘ithz quotes from the Ghunyah of Shaikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaanin that in a Hadith reported by Ibn Abbas (R.A.) it is mentioned that Jibraeel A.S. after his descent commands the angels to proceed to the house of every one busy with ibaadah, and to shake his hand. Thereupon the angels spead forth visiting every house of every one busy with ibaadah, and to shake his hand. Thereupon the angels spead forth visiting every house whether bit or small, whether in the jungle or on a ship wherein a believing worshipper resides, to shake his hand. However, certain houses are not entered. The house in which there is a dog or a pig. The house in which there is a person in state of Janaabah, which has resulted from adultery of fornication, and house wherein pictures of men and animals are displayed. How unfortunate it is that many Muslim’s house do not have the angels entering simply because there are pictures of men and animals being displayed, solely for the sake of adding what appears to be a bit of adornamant.

Only one picture may have been hunged by one careless member of the household and the whole house (dwelling is completely deprived of blessings.

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