Islam’s Ideology of Love is Very Vast

Beliefs & Practices, In the Name of Love / Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

My friends, the first thing is that the idea of love in Islam has its own confines and precincts. Islam is not a religion which has no regard for human temperament; love is after all the need of the human nature. Islam has not restricted us away from love but instead it has itself blessed us with the means of how to do it the right way.

Islam preaches us to love your Lord, to love your Prophet (P.B.U.H), and then by submitting to them and staying in the confines of their teachings, love your father, love your mother, love your wife, love your children, love the virtuous and the pious. Wife has been asked to love her husband.So where does Islam refrain us from love? In fact, it commands us to love at all stages .Assigning one day for love is only for those people who don’t even know the meaning of love, where true love does not even exist. It is for those who visit their parents in old age homes only once a year to express made-up love for them. The spouses are so busy with their routines; she goes to office here, he goes for work there, so well, let there be some exchange of gifts once a year.

Or it is for those societies where there is no boundary for love. No differentiation between Halal and Haram love. Such a love pushes the heart to punishment and ache, thus instead it is disgrace, illegal and sinful.

Whereas in Islam, husband adopts a certain way, everyday, which becomes a means of increasing his wife’s love for him. Islam teaches a wife to espouse such a way each day which enhances her husband’s love for her. Islam’s guidelines for the son commands him to obey his father that the father’s love for his son reaches to such an extent that his hands raise in Dua for the son. Islam guides us at every instance of our lives, but it guides us by telling us ways to do things.

In favour of the celebration of the Valentine’s Day, it is said that it is a way of expressing love and it is thus a productive activity. Such things are absolutely incorrect. We instead need to see the value of love in societies where this foul (western) culture is celebrated at all levels. How much love is found in their houses? What percentage of people actually live with each other lovingly?

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