Is Bank Employment Permissible?

Contemporary Fatawa, Economics, Fiqh / Monday, August 30th, 2010

Q. About being employed in bank. Is it correct Shari’ah-wise?

A. To begin with, employment in a bank, run on the basis of interest, is not permissible. However, a person employed in a bank is advised that he should not leave his job there immediately. He is rather told that he should look for some other permissible job elsewhere, and when he succeeds in getting one, he should leave the job with the bank – but, the important point here is that he should make all possible efforts he can in this direction.

Q. What if he cannot find a suitable job?

A. That the chances of finding another job are slim is a pre-conceived notion because one decides in advance that the alternate job has to be of a certain status, salary, benefits in the line of the ‘so-called’ standards of life. If so, it may be difficult indeed. But, if one was to think a little differently, make himself willing to accept comparatively reduced benefits and then look for a job, the chances are that he will, Insha Allah find a suitable job.

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  1. We pray ,Allah grant him more courage and health to guide the umma in the world (Muhammad TAqi Usmani sahib)

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