Dawah & Tabligh, Muhammad, the last messenger, the last message / Monday, August 18th, 2008

Gentlemen! After a period of fifteen years I have got this opportunity to come here at the request of the Muslim Education Society, and present to you different aspects of the life of the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) in the form of eight lectures which will be delivered in eight different meetings in the following order.

1. The perfection of human spirit can be achieved only through following the ideal life of a Prophet of Allah.

2. The life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the most comprehensive and eternal model for mankind.

3. The historic aspect of Prophet Muhammad’s life.

4. The completeness of the biographical details of the Prophet’s life.

5. The comprehensive nature of the Prophet’s personality.

6. The practical nature of the Prophet’s character.

7. The Message of the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him)

8. Faith and Practice

Madras has introduced a new series of Islamic lectures to its young generation as a way of learning their religion which is undoubtedly the first of its kind to come forth from our Muslim educational organization. Madras has the honor of being the first province of India, where the light of Islam appeared and this happened at a time when not a single soldier of Islam had set foot on the Indian sub-continent.

This light was the light of one of the miracles of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) wherein the full moon was caused to split into two and then return to its normal shape. If this report of the miracle is authentic (as it was reported in “Tuhfatul Mujahideen” and supported by our Muslim brother Dr. Ghulam Mohammad who has himself read exactly the same account of the event in an ancient manuscript of the Hindus in Sansikrit, and which he has subsequently published), we should not be surprised at the initiative taken by the Muslim Education Society of Madras. They deserve to be the first in the service of Islam, and this historic right is not something new to them. It goes 1300 years back into history. I hope the Muslim educational organizations in other parts of India will follow this brilliant and enviable example set by Madras. Gentlemen! I am making my speech in Urdu and although it has developed to the extent that it is now spoken and understood in most parts of India, I still feel that in Madras these lectures should have been given in English in order to have a greater benefit, and people who do not know Urdu at all could have participated too. Today’s experience also proves that it is incumbent upon our Ulema to learn English. I hope the time will come soon when our Ulema will be able to carry the Message of Allah to all mankind in all the languages taught by Him.

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