Beliefs & Practices, Live like brothers Deal like strangers / Monday, February 2nd, 2009

This short treatise, “LIVE LIKE BROTHERS – DEAL LIKE STRANGERS” is a translation of an article by Hazrath Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani Saheb (mudda Zilluhu). The original article titled “Mua’malaat Ki Safai ur Tanuzu‘aat” was published in the July-94 issue of the monthly urdu magazine Al-Balaagh. The basic lesson expounded in this article is the total clarification of all our transactions and monetary matters. Hazrath Mufti Muhammad Taqi Saheb (mudda zilluhu), in his capacity as a judge of the Shariah court, has immense experience in these matters. In the light of this experience he has vividly described the common problems that repeatedly occur in our dealings – and has given practical solutions to these problems.

Often on the pretext of an “excellent friendship” and an “excellent mutual understanding” many things are taken for granted without any proper clarification of the finer details. With the passage of time huge cracks become apparent in the “excellent friendship.” However no one is prepared to take the courage and sort out the matter. This situation continues to stagger along on the bumpy road ahead until it finally crashes, bringing in its wake much misery, ill-feeling and utter chaos. In most cases the resultant problems are almost impossible to solve.

It is thus extremely important that we take the advice contained in this booklet seriously and implement it in our dealings. It will save us tremendous misery and grief in the future. May Allah Ta’ala accept this humble translation. May He grant Hazrat Mufti Saheb a long life and good health. Aameen.

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