Bahishti Zewar, Fiqh, Part 3-Fasting, Zakaat, Qurbani, Hajj etc. / Saturday, June 5th, 2010

1. All alcoholic drinks are haraam and impure. The same rule applies to toddy (a drink that is made by adding hot water and sugar to whisky, rum, or brandy). It is not permissible to consume these alcoholic drinks even as a source of medication. In fact, it is not even permissible to apply medicines that contain alcohol.

2. Apart from alcohol, it is permissible to consume all other intoxicants on the condition that they are consumed only for medication. Furthermore, only that amount will be permissible which does not intoxicate the person. If a person consumes an amount that intoxicates him, it will become haraam upon him. It is also permissible to apply medicines that contain such intoxicants. Such intoxicants are: opium, nutmeg, saffron, etc.

3. It is permissible to consume toddy and alcohol that has turned into vinegar.

4. Some women give opium to their children in an effort to stop them crying and putting them off to sleep. This is haraam.

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