Beliefs & Practices, Live like brothers Deal like strangers / Monday, February 2nd, 2009

The third situation pertains to the winding up of the estate. When a person passes away, the Shariah requires that his estate must be immediately wound up and distributed among the Shar’i heirs.

However, this is also severely neglected in our society. At times whatever each heir can take hold of, he simply usurps. No consideration is given to halaal and haraam. In many instances there is no intention to deprive anyone of their right. Nevertheless, either due to ignorance or negligence, the inheritance is not distributed. If the deceased left behind a business, the son that worked in the business during the father’s lifetime continues to run it. However, no clarification takes place as to what is the present position of the business? Nor is there any mention of how the other heirs will be paid out their shares, or which item of the estate will be given to which heir? Instead, if anyone even suggests that the estate should be distributed, his suggestion is regarded as extremely uncouth and it is immediately shot down with comments such as: “Our father’s kafan is not yet soiled and here he is worried &out distributing the estate!”

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