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Imitrex is indicated for the acute treatment of migraine attacks with or without aura in adults. Imitrex is a headache medicine that narrows blood vessels around the brain. Imitrex also reduces substances in the body that can trigger headache pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and other migraine symptoms.


Use Imitrex exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended. Follow the directions on your prescription label. Overuse of migraine headache medicine can actually make your headaches worse.

Use Imitrex as soon as you notice headache symptoms, or after an attack has already begun.

Your doctor may want to give your first dose of this medicine in a hospital or clinic setting to see if you have any serious side effects.

Take one Imitrex tablet whole with a full glass of water. Do not split the tablet.

After taking a tablet: If your headache does not completely go away, or goes away and comes back, take a second tablet two (2) hours after the first. Do not take more than 200 mg of sumatriptan oral tablets in 24 hours. If your symptoms have not improved, contact your doctor before taking any more tablets.

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