Homosexuality: The Islamic Viewpoint Part 1

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In this materialistic age when everything is being sacrificed at the altar of ‘freedom’, the world from east to west, is witnessing a total collapse of morality and decency. Virtue is portrayed as evil while sins of every type are being glamourised so as to seem acceptable to society.

But the saddest part of this is that while the Muslims were supposed to lead the world out of this turmoil and offer it lslaam as the only solution to its problems, they have begun to embrace the bankrupt ways of those who are themselves groping in the darkness of ignorance. Unfortunately many of the abominable practices found in the West and other non-Islamic societies are creeping into Muslim societies. May Allah protect us!


Allah ta’aalaa, through His infinite Mercy and Grace, has created the human being as the “most noble and honourable creation”. If he adorns himself with the noble character and teachings of the noble Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, he surpasses even the angels in honour. On the contrary, if he neglects the beautiful teachings of Islaam, he will stop lower than the animals in disgrace. Despite all apparent enjoyments and life of glamour, he will be nothing more than a corpse shrouded in beautiful and expensive clothing.

Living in the Western society, it becomes extremely vital to realise this fact and hold fast to the Rope of Allah ta’aalaa by following the beautiful teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

From amongst the calamities facing the Muslim Ummah in this day and age is accepting the Western culture as the way of life. This Western culture is one where virtue is portrayed as evil, and evil as an acceptable item of society. The media; television, newspapers and magazines play a very important role in influencing the viewers and readers to accept their way of life. As a consequence, the Muslim, who was supposed to have been a beacon light for those wandering in the darkness, and a guide for those who have gone astray, has himself began wandering in the wilderness of the immoralities of the local population. Indecency, promiscuity, obscenity, selfishness, cheating, etc. are not seen as evils in the society we live in and being affected by them is inevitable if measured precautions are not taken.

One great evil being promoted is the filth of homosexuality. Islaam being a natural religion, Allah ta’aalaa has declared this unnatural act as unlawful. Moreover, no divine religion permits sexual pleasure being derived from the same sex- man from man and woman from woman. This evil and shameless mischief is greatly disliked by Allah ta’aalaa. His Curse descends upon those who fulfil their desires by indulging in this vice. The very first community involved in this shameless act were the people of Loot. Allah ta’aalaa engulfed them with disaster and punishment, which stands as a warning for all to come until the Day of Judgement:

When our decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread layer on layer, marked withfire in 1 the Providence of thy Lord (for the destruction of the wicked). And they are never far from the wrongdoers. (Glorious Qur’aan: 11:82/83)

Allah ta’aalaa has mentioned this incident on various occasions in the Qur’aan, and the style everywhere is highly admonishing.

Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam has also condemned such persons though various Ahaadeeth to the extent that committing this unnatural act with one’s wife has also been prohibited. If this is the case with one’s own wife, how would it ever be permissible for a man to derive sexual pleasures from another man or a woman from another woman.

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