Hazrat Zarrar and Hazrat Khaula (RA)

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During the Battle of Bait Lihya, the Muslim Commander Zarrar(ra) was captured by the Byzantine forces. Word was sent to Khalid Bin Walid (ra) for further help.

Leaving the command of Damacus to Abu Ubaida (ra), Khalid( ra) set off to Bait Lihya with his mobile contingent of 4000 horsemen. As Khalid(ra ) approached the battle-field, he saw a muslim rider with a masked face gallop of towards the Byzantine front. This warrior would kill a number of the enemy soldiers, and then withdraw. He would after some time pounce on the enemy again and kill everyone who came his way. He was striking fear in the ranks of the enemy soldiers.

Khalid (ra) was struck by the bravery of this warrior, and asked him to identify himself. The Warrior however, dashed to the front again. As he returned from the attack after killing, a number of the enemy, Khalid (ra) wanted the warrior to halt and identify himself. The Warrior signaled to Khalid (ra) with his hands not to ask him his identity.

Khalid (ra)shouted “I ask In the name of Allah, oh courageous one who are you?” From behind the mask on the warriors face a female voice was heard ” I am Khaula , sister of Zarrar (ra). I have come to liberate my brother from the clutches of the enemy, by Allah I shall not rest until he is freed.” Saying this she plunged straight in to the ranks of the enemy again.

The Muslims gained a substantial victory and Zarrar (ra) was liberated., and Khaula (ra) was highly praised for her bravery, by Khalid Bin Walid (ra).

Hazrat Zarrar bin Khattab,(ra) from the tribe of Maharab, was an awsome warrior and one of Khalid bin Walids (ra) most prized weapons. During battle he would remove,his shirt and bare chested, with his long hair flowing, he would attack the enemy forces with so much zeal, that the Byzantine forces, believed that he was a Phantom (Jinn). It is stated that upon hearing his very name, the battalions of the Byzantine forces would be struck with fear.

During the battle for Damascus, Khalid bin Walid (ra) and forces were fighting on the front line. The Muslim encampment at Marj-Al-Safar was left exposed, the Muslim women who had gone to help look after the Mujahadeen , and nurse the wounded. Found themselves surrounded by Enemy soldiers.

Umm Hakim(ra) the widow of Ikrimah ibn abu Jahal (ra) gathered all the terrified women together. At this point Khaula(ra) the younger sister of Zarrar (ra) screamed at the top of her voice ” Oh Daughters of the Prophet of Allah, have you no shame, are you going to allow the enemy to devour you,will just surrender with out a fight, have you no courage.” They replied ” oh Khaula (ra)
we are not cowards, the Mujahadeen have taken all the weapons with them,we have nothing with which to defend ourselves.” Khaula (ra) pointed to a large pile of metal tent pegs she said “Arm yourselves with those and attack the enemy I swear in the Name of Allah that he will give you victory.”

Saying this she picked up a tent peg ,and followed by Umm Hakim, charged at the enemy soldiers. They managed to disarm some of the Byzantine cavalry men. Whilst the rest of the women were being led by Umm Hakim. It is stated that Khaula (ra) was right in midst of the enemy forces, encircled by the Byzantine soldiers,with sword in her hand( that she had managed to capture from a Byzantine soldier), she slayed anyone that came her way. The Byzantine forces were stunned as if they had been struck by lightening, a single muslim covered in Niqaab was causing such mayhem, one of the Byzantines asked “who are you for I swear you’re not human”. She responded ” Oh Enemy of god, I am the Slave of Allah, a ‘daughter’ of the Prophet(saw), and the sister of Zarrar(ra).”
The news spread among the enemy, that this warrior was a sister of the muslim ‘Jinn’ Zarrar (ra). The enemy soldiers were so petrified that no one was prepared to engage in combat with her.

By this time news had reached the muslim front lines that, a surprise attack had been launched upon the encampment by the enemy forces. Khalid Bin Walid (ra) led by a contingent came to the rescue, all escape routes were blocked. From within the encampment,the enemy, was being attacked by the muslim women. From outside the encampment they were being attacked by the men. It is stated that not a single enemy soldier managed to escape.

Such was the Courage of the women of that time.

* source transcribed from a lecture in urdu by Shaykh Masud.Azhar(db)

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