Halq or Qasar Wajib of the 10th ZilHijja

Fiqh, Hajj - Merits and Precepts / Saturday, November 7th, 2009

After offering sacrifice it is Wajib to have your head shaven or your hair cut equal in length to a joint of a finger (about one inch). But it is not necessary to be done today. It may be done at any time upto the 12th of Zilhijja but you will remain under the restrictions of Ihram whatever length of time you may pass until you have your head shaven or your hair cut. In case you have your head shaven or your hair cut on the 10th of Zilhijja you will be relieved from Ihram formalities. Now, wearing sewn clothes, using perfumes, pruning nails and having your hair cut, all these things become lawful for you, but your enjoying a sexual intercourse with your wife will not be lawful until you are relieved from the obligation of Tawaf-e-Ziyarat i.e. Tawaf-e-

Rule Of Action
For a woman, having her head shaven is prohibited. She has been commanded only to have her hair cut. She should have the hair of her whole head cut for a length of a finger joint. However a hair cut of one fourth of her head will also suffice her for being relieved from Ihram restrictions (Zubda).

Rule Of Action
It is not lawful to prune your nails or trim your moustaches before having your head shaven or your hair cut. In case of your doing so you will stand liable for its atonement (Ghunya).

Rule Of Action
Doing the Halq of Hajj in Mina is Sunnat. You are allowed to do Halq anywhere in Haram. If you perform the Halq outside the precincts of Haram you will be liable to offer a Dam (Hayat-ul-Qulob).

Important Note
After being free from Rami and Jamarat-ul-Aqaba the discharge of two Wajibs i.e. the sacrifice and then the Halq is not essential on the very day of the 10th Zilhijja. They can be discharged upto the 12th. If after Rami at Jamarat-ul-Aqaba you feel difficult to offer the sacrifice due to rush of people you should not put yourself in trouble unnecessarily. The sacrifice, if not offered today, can be postponed till the next two days. But indeed, for a Qarin and Mutamatte’, the Halq and the Qasr are not lawful unless the sacrifice is offered and they would not be relieved from the restrictions of Ihram until they perform the Halq or the Qasr.

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