Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 8

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Monday, November 15th, 2010

Story No. 31: (Episode)
Another saintly person says: “While I was in Madina, I saw a non-Arab person reciting the farewell salaam at the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am. As he left, I followed him. At Zul Hulayfah he performed salaah and donned the Ihraam. When he commenced his salaah I did the same and when he departed from there I again followed him. Later he looked towards me and said: “what is your aim?”
I said: “I wish to accompany you.” He refused my wish. I pleaded with all humility. Then he said to me: “If it is your aim to do so, then follow me step by step.” I said: “Very well.”
He went along an unknown route with me behind him. Having traveled for a small part of the night we saw a lamp shining in the dark. He said to me: ‘this is the mosque of Hazrat Aa’isha.R.A at Tan’eem (near Mecca). Now either you shall go ahead or me?”
I replied: “It shall be as you wish.”
He went ahead and I slept there. Early in the next morning before fajr I entered Mecca, to perform tawaaf and saee; and then I went to pay my respects to Hazrat Shaikh Abu Bakr Kattani R.A. around whom I found many saintly persons.
He asked me: “when did you arrive?”
I answered : “I have just arrived.”
He asked : “From where did you come?”
I answered : “From Madina.”
He asked : “when did you leave Madina?”
I answered : “Last night.”
When I said this, the people looked at me in disbelief and surprise. The Shaikh said: “with whom did you travel?” I replied that I had come with a certain saintly person and told the m the story of how I had come walking from Madina to Mecca in a portion of the night.
The Shaikh exclaimed: “That person is Abu Ja’far Hazrat Wamighani R.A. Whatever you have said about him shows that it must be him. For him to have come in that short period of time is a common and minor thing. Come, friends, let us go and search for Shaikh Hazrat Wamighani R.A.”
And to em he said: ‘It is not customary for you to arrive in such a short time. Therefore I had to ask in detail. How did the ground feel under you while you were walking? I replied: “It felt like rolling waves of the sea passing through under my feet.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 32: (Episode)
Hazrat Sufyaan bin Ibrahim R.A says: “Once in Mecca I saw Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham R.A, sitting and crying bitterly at a place called Mowlidun Nabi (The birth place of Nabi Sal’am). When he saw me he moved out of the way. I performed salaah and then asked him: “What is the matter? What causes you to cry?” he replied: “I am well”.
Twice, thrice I asked him the same question and he gave the same answer. When I persisted he said: “If I disclose to you the reason, will you keep it to yourself or will tell others?”
I answered: “You may go ahead. I will preserve your secret.”
Then he said: “for thirty years now I have had the desire and urge to eat sakbaaj (a type of food that has meat, vinegar and fruit in it) but by way of punishing myself (mujahada) I never ate it.
One night while asleep I dreamt and saw a handsome young man with a green bowl in his hand from which steam came and I got the fragrant smell of Sakbaaj. Seeing that my heart desired to partake of it, but I withheld myself therefrom. The young man said to me: “O Ibrahim, take this and eat.”
I replied: “No, I shall not; because the thing that I have left aside for Allah’s sake, I shall not eat now.”
When he said that, I could not reply in any way and I burst out in tears. Then he again said: “May Allah have mercy on you. Eat of this.”
I replied: “We have been commanded not to eat anything until such a time that we know for sure what it is made of and from where it is.”
He said: “May Allah protect you. Eat this. It was given to me by Ridhwaan, the Keeper of Paradise who said to me: “O Khidhar, take this and feed Ibrahim of it.”
I had difficulty in preventing myself from eating. Then he insisted: “O Ibrahim, how is it that Allah feeds you and you still refuse without having asked for something he shall receive nothing at that time when he does ask for it.
Then I said: “If that is the case, the n I am ready to eat even though I have never before broken my agreement (with himself not to eat Sakbaaj).”
Just then another youth appeared and said to Hazrat Khidhar A.S.: “Take the food in your hand and feed him.” He then fed me with his own hand and when I awoke, I still tasted the food in my mouth and found the color of saffron on my lips. Then I went to the well of Zamzam and rinsed my mouth but neither did the taste leave my mouth nor did saffron color disappear,
Hazrat Sufyan R.A. says: “When I looked I still found the signs present as explained.
I prayed to Allah: “O Allah, who feeds such people who curb their desire; O Allah who had made it obligatory for his friends (Awliya) that their hearts remain pure; O Thou who has quenched the thirst of those whose hearts are filled with Thy love; do grant to this servant, Sufyan, the same that Thou had granted to Ibrahim. Then I lifted his hands above his head and said: “O Allah, through the blessings of this hand its master (Ibrahim), through the blessings of the rank which he holds with Thee, grant also Thy favors to Sufyaan who id ever so much in need thereof. O Merciful Lord! Grant this out of Thy Mercy even though I may not be worthy thereof.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 33: (Episode)
Another story is told about Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham R.A. that when he once performed Haj, he saw a very handsome young man, whose beauty amazed everybody. Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. looked at him carefully and then started weeping.
Some people, seeing this thought that Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. had fallen in love with the youth and said in consternation: “To Allah do we belong, and to Him is our return.”
“Allah forbid, the Shaikh had fallen prey to base desires.”
Once of them said to the Shaikh: “O Sire, what kind of look is this accompanied with the crying?”
The Shaikh replied: ” I have made a covenant with Allah which I cannot break, otherwise I would have called this youth to me to meet him. He is my own son, the coolness of my eyes. I had left him when he was still a very young child. Now he has become a young man as you yourself see. I feel ashamed before Allah that I should return to that which I had left aside for His sake.”
Then the Shaikh read some lines.
“Since the time that I have recognized Allah as my love, I have not seen anyone save Him wherever I look. Indeed am I jealous that my eyes should see anyone but Him, the end of my treasure, the goal of my life. My priceless One, May Thy love abide with me. Till the day I am raised from the dead.” Then the Shaikh said to that person: ‘Go to that boy and greet him on my behalf. Perhaps that will be a consolation.”
The person went and said to the boy after greeting him: “May Allah bless you father.”
The boy replied: ” Dear Uncle, where is my father now? Since my youth he has left in the path of Allah. If only I can see him once, then I may as well die having met him.”
Then the boy wept so bitterly that his breath almost stopped and he repeated: “By Allah, if only I can see him once and then die.”
Then he read a few lines.
The person returned and found Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. in sujood. He had cried so much that the ground under his face soaked with his tears. After he had lifted up his face, he read two couplets;
“O Allah, for You have I discarded the whole world. And to see You have I made orphans of my children. And if You do not help me in the needs of my love, this heart shall not find peace in any place save with You.”
When Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. was asked to pray for this son of his, he said: “May Allah protect this youth from falling into sin and assist him to walk the path of His pleasure.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 34: (Episode)
Hazrat Abu Bakr Daqaaq R.A says: “I resided in Mecca for about twenty years. I always felt the urge to drink milk (but never did). When the urge became too great, I left Mecca for Asqalaan. There I stayed as a guest with some people belonging to a certain tribe of Arabs. There I became very much infatuated wit ha beautiful girl, who said to me: “if you were really true, then the urge to drink milk would have left your heart.”
Thereupon I returned to Mecca. After performing tawaaf, I saw Hazrat Yousuf A.S in my dream and said to him: “O Nabi of Allah, may Allah keep you happy, You were really fortunate to have been saved from the plans of Zuleikha.” He replied: “Indeed are you the fortunate one to have been saved from the girl of Asqalaan.”
Then he read: “And for him who fears the day he has to face Allah, there are two Jannats (reward)”
A certain saint once said: “A man cannot save himself from the pitfall of his own desires. It is only Allah who can save him.”
“Acquire life of righteous comfort with Allah: do not endeavor to find comfort without Him. And whoever found such comfort with Allah is saved and whoever desires comfort away from him shall perish. To find comfort with Him means to fill the heart with His remembrance; and the desire for comfort without Him means being unmindful and negligent.”
Rasulullah Sal’am said: “when anyone’s eyes fall on a pretty girl and he immediately casts his eyes away from her Allah grants him the divine guidance towards such Ibaadah, the ecstasy of which he feels in himself.” (Mish’kat)
Story No. 35: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh abu Turaab Bakh’shi R.A. says: “whenever a person distracts someone who remains busy with Allah’s work and worship; Allah’s anger soon catches up with him -the distracter.”
May Allah save us from His anger and punishment. This is something very important. Many people do not understand the worth of being in Allah’s service, busy with His worship etc. hence at all times and places they call upon them, thereby calling them away from their duties in Allah’s service. One should especially be careful about this when dealing with saintly people.

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