Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 6

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Story No. 21: (Episode)
Hazrat Abu Saeed Khazaaz R.A. relates that when he entered, the Masjidul Haraam once, he saw a fakir with torn clothes begging. He then thought by himself.
“it is men such as these that become a burden and a nuisance to others.”
As these thoughts passed through his mind, the fakir looked towards him and recited this verse:
“Surely Allah knows that which is in your hearts; so fear Him.” (Surah Baqar:20)
He felt ashamed at his thoughts and repented. As he walked away the fakir called after him in this verse:
“He accepts the repentance of His servants and forgives al sins.” (Surah Shur’aa: 13)

Story No. 22: (Episode)
One saint relates that he was once traveling towards Mecca with a caravan. An elderly lady was seen walking in front of the caravan. I thought that she did this for fear that the caravan may move off and leave her. I had a few dir’hams which I intended to give her. I went to her and gave her the money and said; ‘Take this; when the caravan stops for the night, then come to me. I shall collect some money among the fellow travelers to pay for your conveyance.’
She raised her hand and grasped something, as she opened her hand it had dir’hams in it. This surprised me as she gave them to me and said: “See! You have taken from your pocket; and I have taken from the unseen.”
Late again, I saw her where she held onto the cloth of the Ka’bah reciting these lines:
“Besides Thee; O, Beloved of hearts, there is none,
Have mercy on them that visit Thee on this day”
“My patience is ending;
Any my longing for you grows more,
While this heart refuses to love another save Thee”.
“For Thou art the object,
Of all my thoughts an desires;
Thou art the goal of my life”.
“Would that I know the day of meeting Thee.
Paradise do I desire, not for its bounties;
But because Thy countenance I shall see”. (Rowdh)

Story No. 23: (Episode)
Hazrat Abdur Rahmaan Khalief R.A says: “While traveling towards Mecca for Haj. I once stopped in Baghdad. At that time I was very deeply inclined towards the mystic way of life had discarded everything from my life except Allah.
For forty days I had not eaten, and neither did I visit Hazrat Junaid Baghdaadi R.A I left Baghdad and walked towards Mecca. On the way I came to a well which was filled right to the top; where I found a small buck drinking water. The buck wen away as I approached. I was very thirsty, but as I cam upon the well; the level of the water fell to the bottom.
Disappointed, I continued on my way and said: “O Allah, am I indeed not the equal of a buck in thy sight?” from behind me came a voice: “We have only tested you and you bore no patience. Return and drink of the water. The buck came without a cup and a rope where as you had both these”.
When I returned to the well, I found the water had risen to the top. I filled my cup, drank from it and made wudhu. The water never diminished and only finished when I reached Madina. After Haj I came to Baghdad again. There as I entered the mosque, Hazrat Junaid R.A saw me from after and said: “If you had patience, water would have flowed from under your feet”. (Rowdh)

Story No. 24: (Episode)
Another saint relates that while he was traveling in an un-inhabitant area, he met a fakir wandering about bare headed and barefoot. He was dressed in two worn clothes-a lungi and a top covering. He had no food with him. The saint said to himself: “If only he had with him a bowl or a cup and a rope it would have been so much better because when he needed water he could have drawn from a well in order to perform wudhu and for other needs”.
The saint says I went with him. It became very hot and I said to the fakir: “If you throw that cloth which hangs over your shoulders on your head it would be better because then you will be protected from the heat of the sun.”
He did not reply and continued walking in silence. After a while I said to him: ‘It is so hot, yet you walk without shoes. If you will only accept my advice, then put on my shoes to protect yourself. I shall walk barefoot for a while and then you can do so again.”
Then he said: “You are indeed very talkative. Did you not study Hadith?” I said: “Yes, I did”. He said: “Did you not read that Rasulullah Sal’am said:
“Of the beauties of a person’s Islam, is that he leaves aside that which does not concern him.”
Having said this, he kept quiet and we walked along in silence. We walked along the sea. In the meantime I felt very thirsty. He turned to me and asked; “Are you thirsty?” I said: “No” and we walked on. Thirst almost killed me. He asked again: “Are you thirsty?” I replied: “Yes, I am thirsty, but what can you do about it?”
Thereupon he took a bowl form my hand and walked into the sea. He filled it with water and gave me to drink. It surprised me very much when I drank it to find the water sweeter than the water of the River Nile, and clearer with a little trace of grass in it. To myself I said in my heart: “this must be a great saint. Now I shall say nothing more. When we reached our destination I shall ask him to take me with him.” The moments these thoughts passed through my mind, he looked at me and said: “What would you prefer? Will you walk ahead or shall I walk in front.”
Again I thought: “If he walks ahead it is possible that I may not be able to keep up with him and loose him. Therefore it will be better for me to walk ahead of him. So when I would reach a certain place I can sit down and wait for him. There I shall ask him to make me his traveling companion.”
As I thought this he said: “Either you go ahead while I sit here and wait or you sit down while I go ahead. We cannot travel together.” Saying this he went away leaving me there.
When I arrived at one of the stopping places I heard that at the house one of my friends someone was sick. I took out my bowl and told them to sprinkle the little water over the sick one. Immediately he was healed. Then I told them about the man I had met. I inquired about him but nobody knew anything about him. (Rowdh)

Story No. 25: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Fatah Musaly R.A. said: “In the desert I once saw a young boy walking bare feet, while his lips were continually moving. We greeted each other and I asked: “Honored son, where are you going?” he replied: “To the house of Allah in Mecca.” I asked: “Why do your lips keep busy”. He replied: “I recite the Holy Qur’aan.”
I asked: “But you have not even reached the age of puberty.” He replied: “Yes, and I have seen death take away others who were so much younger than me.” I said: “Your strides are very short and the way to Mecca is very long and arduous.”
He said: “It is merely for me to lift up my feet and Allah is the One who causes me to reach the destination. I asked: “Have you no provisions, no means of transport?” he replied: “My provision for the journey is reliance on Allah and my means of transport are my feet.”
I said: “I speak about food and water for the way.” He replied: “Dear Uncle! If someone calls and invites you to his house, would you take food with you to eat there?” I replied: “NO!”
He said: “My Lord has invited His servants to His House and has given permission for them to visit it. It is only the weakness of their faith in Him that forces them to take food with them. This I resent and I have considered His Honor, so do you think He will allow me to perish?” I replied: “Surely, NO!”
After this the boy left me and I next saw him in Mecca. When he saw me he said: “O Shaikh, are you still so weak in faith?” Then he said the following lines in poetry:
“The Creator of all the worlds, is guarantor of my sustenance:
So why should I trouble Allah’s creation for it?”
“Before my existence did my Noble announce:
That which cause loss to me or benefits;
When I am well His Bounties sustain me.”
And when I am in need, He comforts me.”
“In as much as my foolishness does not cut off my sustenance;
My shrewdness does not increase the same.” (Rowdh)

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