Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 4

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Story No. 13: (Episode)
Hazrat Abdullah Jowhari R.A. says: “During Haj I once fell asleep at Arafaat. I saw two angels in conversation near me .one of them asked:
“How many Hajis are present this year?”
The second replied: “Only six”
The other replied: “There are six lakhs (six hundred thousand)”
The first one asked: “From how many of them did Allah accept his Haj?”
Abu Abdallah says: “hearing this I was very much distressed and in grief. I felt like beating myself out of sorrow, and started to cry bitterly for my own wretchedness. Just then the first one asked again: “And what did Allah do to whose Haj had not been accepted?”
The second replied: “The Noble Lord had looked at them in Mercy and through every one of these six he had also accepted one hundred thousand. This is indeed Allah’s favor which He bestows on whomsoever he pleases.”
(A similar story is also related about Hazrat Ali bin Muwaffaq R.A. in Chapter I, hadith 6).

Story No. 14: (Episode)
Hazrat Ali bin Muwaffaq R.A. says: “I was once sitting in the Holy Haram in Mecca at such a time that I had already performed Haj sixty times. Through my mind there passed a thought that sixty pilgrimages were quite enough, and that I shall not come again. How much longer shall I continue to cross this vast uninhabitable desert? At that though I suddenly became drowsy and fell asleep. A voice spoke to me:
“O Ibn Muwaffaq, when you invite people to your house, you call such people with whom you are pleased. Blessed indeed are these whom Allah has called and placed in elevated ranks.”
Then these lines were recited:
“Those who love Me do I invite to visit Me and no one else;
They have come to my house with honor. So blessed are those noble folk and blessed is He;
Who has invited them.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 15: (Episode)
Hazrat Zun Noon Misri R.A. says: “One day I saw a young man performing ruku and sujood at the Ka’bah numerous times. I asked him: “Young man, I see you continually busy with much salaah?”
He answered: “I beg permission of Allah to return home and here await His answered.”
Just then I saw a piece of paper falling from above which landed on the ground near him. On it was written:
‘This is from Allah, the Mighty the Forgiving to His true and grateful servant. Return homewards while your previous and future sins are forgiven.”

Story No. 16: (Episode)
Hazrat Sahl bin Abdullah R.A. says that it is humiliation for a saint to mix a lot with people and it is honor to him to remain aloof and in solitude. He says: “I have seen very few saints who do not prefer solitude. There was a saint called Hazrat Abdullah bin Salih R.A. to whom Allah had bestowed many favors and granted many gifts. He used to stay away from people and traveled alone from town to town, till at last he came to Mecca. There he stayed for a long while I said to him once; ‘ I see that you have stayed long in this place.’ He replied: “why shall I not stay here long? I have not found any town like this where such countless blessings and mercies descend. Here angels descend by day and by night. I have seen some wonderful things her. In various forms do the angels perform tawaaf of the Baitullah and this never ends. If I should relate all the wonders that I have seen here, then those who have no true faith will not be able to bear it.”
I said: “By Allah, tell me some of the wonders that you have witnessed here.’
He said: “Every saint whose saint-hood is correct and complete gather here every Thursday evening (Friday night.). It is to see these people that I remain here. Among them I once saw someone called Hazrat Maalik bin Qasim Jeeli R.A. From his hand I got the smell of cooked meat and I said to him: “it seems as if you had just eaten before you came.”
He replied: “Nay, (I seek Allah’s forgiveness) for one whole week I have not eaten anything. Actually, I have just fed my mother and then come hither in a hurry so that I can perform fajr salaah with this gathering.”
Hazrat Abdullah R.A. says further: “The distance between Maalik’s home and Mecca is reckoned at 900 farsakh and one farsakh being equal to three miles, it means he traveled 2700 miles to be present here.” Hazrat Sahi R.A. says, then Hazrat Abdullah R.A asked me. “Do you believe my story?” and I replied: “Yes, I do.” Then he said: “Alhamdulillah, I have found one Mu’min person.”
(Some elders have related that they had come across Angels, Nabis and saints while performing tawaaf round the Ka’bah. This happens especially on the night preceding Friday, Monday and Thursday.) (Rowdh)

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