Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 3

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Friday, November 12th, 2010

Story No. 9: (Episode)
Hazrat Maalik bin Dinaar R.A. says: “I once saw a young man of very saintly countenance. Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. I immediately recognized him as one whom I had seen in Basra some time before. Then he was in a wealthy position. Now he seemed destitute and starving. On seeing him tears came to my eyes to think how he was before, and how he was now. He recognized me and we greeted each other. He said to me: “O Maalik; pray for me. Remember me in your most earnest prayers. Perhaps Allah will have mercy on me in my present condition and forgive my sins.”
Then he recited the following verses:
When the Beloved turns to thee then remembers me to Him;
And tell Him that never this heart is free of His remembrance.
Perchance on hearing the mention of my name.
He shall inquire about me.
Hazrat Maalik R.A. continues: “Having recited these lines he went away. The time of Haj arrived and while sitting in the Holy Haram once I saw a crowd of people around a man, crying uncontrollably. As a result of his hysterical crying people found difficulty in performing tawaaf. I went in that direction and behold it was the same young man. This made me very happy and I said: “Praise be to Allah who has granted you your wish.” Thereupon he again recited some lines:
People fearlessly proceeded to Mina and there, their heart felt desires received,
They begged to Allah their deepest wish,
And true to promise He granted them,
And through their sincere repentance did He grant protection against all inequity.
The Saqi gave them to drink and when they asked: “who is the Saqi?” he said: “I am Allah, call you on Me, I am your Lord, Mine alone is Glory.
Exaltedness the Kingdom and praise.”
Hazrat Maalik R.A continues: “Tell me what happened to you?” He said: “I have been most fortunate for Allah had called me here and here I am present. Whatever I begged of Him, I received.”
Then he recited a few lines thus:
When my Beloved called me I called out “Blessed am I?”
How great the ecstasy of Thy love.
By Thy truth do I swear, Thou art the goal, the object.
That I seek; For the sake of fulfilling Thy desires do they blame me.
Yet let them blame.
For me there is no longing save to be with Thee.
And when here in the city I be, I do not remember anyone save Thee.
Hazrat Maalik R.A says: “After this he commenced the tawaaf and thereafter I never saw him again, neither do I know what happened to him. (Rowdh)

Story No. 10: (Episode)
One saintly person relates: “Once during a very hot season I went for Haj. Somehow, when we had reached the desert of Central Hijaaz I became separated from my caravan and lost my way. I fell asleep and when I awoke I saw a man some distance away. I ran in his direction. It was a very young man whose beard did not even start growing. He was an extremely handsome young man. When I greeted him, he replied: “O Ibrahim, Wa’laykumus Salaam.”
On mentioning me by name, I was greatly confused and surprised and asked: “Respected young man, how do you know my name?”
He replied: “Since I received (maarifat) knowledge of Allah, I have not been ignorant and since I have joined with Him I have never left Him.”
I asked: “What has brought you here, in this extreme heart of the desert?”
He replied: “O Ibrahim, apart from Him I have no love for anyone else; neither have I made anyone else my friend and companion; now I completely turned to Him alone and Him alone do I consider worthy of worship.”
I asked: “Whither comes your food and drink?”
He replied: “By Allah, I fear your destruction under these conditions.”
Thereupon his eyes filled with tears which appeared like pearls as they rolled over his cheeks and he said:
“Who can frighten me of destruction in desert with All its dangers; when in fact I travel herein towards my love in whom is my faith?
My love for Him has made me restless and my longing drives me forth.
And he who loves Allah can never fear another.
And when indeed hunger pangs arrive, I fill myself remembering Him;
And while His praises I sing no thirst shall touch me ever.
And when I weaken, His love will take me from Hijaaz to Khorasaan.
So blame me not for my youth for all that has to be, has come.”
I asked him: “By Allah, what is your correct age?”
He answered: “You have indeed sworn by someone, who is indeed great in my sight. My age is twelve years. O Ibrahim why do you have to ask me my age?” |

I answered: “I ask because your words have intrigued and surprised me.”
He said: “praise be to Allah Who had bestowed great favors, and through His special favors He has made some higher in rank of virtue than others.”
Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. says further: “The beautiful words of wisdom spoken by this extremely handsome and virtuous boy really filled me with wonder. Thus I said: “Glory be to Allah: What beautiful figures He created.” For a time he kept his head bowed. Then he lifted up his face, looked at me intently and read these lines:

“If I enter Hell, then I am destroyed. So of what use will this shine and beauty be. For then shall my outward virtues be the cause of my sojourn in torment and hell.

In woe and wailing will I stay in hell and the Lord shall say: “O thou worse of slaves: against Me have you sinned and Me did you oppose. My Command did you transgress and My Covenant did you forget. And so did you forget your meeting with Me.”

He continued: ‘O Ibrahim, you will see that day when the faces of the righteous shall shine like the full moon, when Allah shall remove from Himself the Curtain of light; then shall the obedient ones become so dumbstruck in wonder that no favor will afford pleasure like that moment. Then will Allah cover those obedient ones with joy while their faces will shine with pleasure.”

Then he said: “Discarded indeed is he who is cut off from friends; and whoever has joined with his Lord has gained indeed.”
Thereafter he asked me: “O Ibrahim, have you been left behind after losing your traveling companions?” I replied: “Yes, that is how I was left behind. I beg of you to pray for me; that I may again meet my friends.”
He lifted his eyes to heaven and softly whispered some words as if in prayer. Immediately, I felt sleepy or some form of unconsciousness overtook me. When I next opened my eyes as I regained consciousness, I found myself sitting on my camel traveling in the midst of my friends with the caravan. I heard my companion on the camel say to me: “Watch out, be careful that you do not fall from your camel.” There was no sign of the youth. When we entered Mecca, I saw him hanging onto the cloth of the Ka’bah while reciting these lines:
“I have come to visit this house and ecstatically hold onto the Ka’ba’s cloak.
But whatever secrets and deepest words the heart doth hold, only Thus knows.
On foot have I come, without transport, for in spite of my youth I am overcome by love. Since infancy when love I did not yet perceive, have my love for Thee overflowed.
And when they blame me for this love, then let me be an infant in love.
Lord, when my death does overtake me, for sure with Thee shall I be joined.
Then he fell down into sajdah in ecstasy and remained thus for a long time while I looked at him. After some time I went to him, shook his body and found to my consternation that he had died.
Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. says: “At his death I felt very sad. I hurried to my place of residence to fetch a cloth for his kafan and took with me two helpers to assist in burying him. When we came to the place where I had left his body, there was nothing. I inquired but no Haji could tell me anything. I thus understood that Allah had hidden his body from the eyes of men. I therefore went home and as I fell asleep, I saw a vision. There I saw him in front of a very large gathering of people. He was so handsome and shone as the full moon.”
I asked him: “Did you not pass away?”
He replied : “Yes, indeed I have died.”
I said : “I have searched for your body, that I may dress the kafan and bury it, but could not find the body.”
He replied: “O Ibrahim, I was dressed and buried by Him who took me forth from my birth place, made me love Him and separated me from my beloved relatives. And He has not made me in need of anyone’s help.”
I asked: “And what has Allah done to you?”
He replied: “Verily did Allah bring me in front of Himself and asked me what I wanted. I replied: ‘Lord, Thou art the object of my search. Thou art my goal. Then Allah said: “You are indeed my true servant and nothing shall prevent you from getting all that you desire. Ask: it shall be given to you.’ I replied: “O Allah, I desire that Thou accept my intercession on behalf of everyone living at this time.’ Allah granted me that.”
Hazrat Ibrahim R.A.says: “Then this body in my dream took leave of me by shaking my hand and I woke up. I completed my Haj but could not get this youth out of my mind. Thinking of him made me extremely restless. In that frame of mind my caravan and companions took the journey homewards. All along the way, my companions used to say to me: “O Ibrahim, we are amazed and surprised at the wonderful smell of scent from your hands.”
It is said by the narrator of this story that Hazrat Ibrahim R.A.’s hands used to continue to smell so fragrantly until he died. (Rowdh)

Story No. 11: (Episode)
Hazrat Ibrahim Khawaas R.A. says: “Once in the company of a large group, I went for Haj. We were all on foot. Suddenly I found the urge to be alone and travel alone. Thereupon I left my companions and went along a route not generally used. For three days I traveled, not worried about food and drink, nor any other needs.
After three days and nights, I happened to reach a most luxuriant area, green and fertile, with delicious fruits. In the center of all this was a fountain. I was so overcome by the beauty of this sight that I thought it must be paradise. As I stood admiring the surroundings, a group of people came along dressed in cloaks and beautifully colored dress. They came and stood around me as they greeted me; then I realized that they were not humans but Jinns. One of them said to me: “We have a certain difference of opinion among ourselves which we would like to have settled. We are of those Jinns who heard Rasulullah Sal’am recite the Holy Word on the eve of the Oath of Aqabah. His voice made us free from all worldly endeavors and Allah has adorned for us this beautiful place.”
I asked: “How far is this place from the spot where I separated myself from my fellow travelers?”
Smiling one of them replied: “O Abu Ishaaq! Allah has in wisdom not allowed anyone from your kind to enter this place except one young man who passed away here.
Look! Here is his grave!”
I saw the grave, which was situated, next to a pond. Around it was a beautiful little garden wherein I saw such beautiful flowers as I had never seen before. Then the same Jinn continued:
“Between here and where you left your fellow travelers, is a distance which will take years to travel across.”
I said: “Kindly tell me about the young man.”
One jinn said: “while we were sitting here near this fountain one day, discussing love of Allah, a young man suddenly appeared. He greeted us and we replied. Then we inquire of him:
“Young man where are you from?”
He said: “From Nishapur.”
We asked: “How long ago did you leave your home town?”
He replied: “Seven days.”
We asked: “For what reason did you leave there?”
He replied: “I have heard the word of Allah which says:
“And return to your Lord and surrender to Him before the punishment overtakes you. Then you shall not be helped.”
We asked: “What is the meaning of Inaabat (return) and Azaab (punishment)!”
“He started to explain when suddenly he uttered a loud cry and died. We buried him here.”
Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. continues his story: “this story filled me with amazement. Then I approached the grave and on the head side of the grave I saw very large (narcissus) flowers; and on the grave I found these words written:
“This is the beloved of Allah killed by his sense of honor.”
On the large leaves of the flowers was written the meaning of Inaabat. I read it. The Jinns asked me the meaning thereof and I explained to them. On hearing my explanation they became extremely pleased, and joyfully they stood around. Then they said:
“This is the point regarding which we had a difference of opinion.”
Soon afterwards I fell asleep and when next I woke, I found myself near the Mosque of Aa’isha at Tan’eem outside Mecca. On my clothes I found a banquet of flowers. The flowers remained with me for on year without changing or withering in any way. Then suddenly they just disappeared.”

Story No. 12: (Episode)
A group of merchants once traveled to Mecca for Haj by boat. Along the way the boat broke down. The time for Haj come very near. One of the merchants carried with him goods to the value of 50,000 dirhams, left all his goods on the boat and left his partners enroute to Mecca. His companions advised him against it saying that he could possibly sell some of his goods if he stayed behind but to this he replied:
“By Allah I swear, even though I should receive the whole world, still will I not prefer it above this opportunity of performing Haj. There in Mecca I shall meet the Auliyaa (saintly friends of Allah); and whatever I have already experienced and seen of these people, I can never explain.”
His fellow traders asked: “Tell us, what did you see about them.”
He explained: “We were en-route to Mecca to perform Haj. Water became very scarce and we all suffered great thirst. At exorbitant prices did we have to buy water. On a certain day almost dying of thirst, we searched the whole caravan for water but found not a drop. At no price could it be bought anywhere. I felt as if I was dying. A short distance away we found a faqir who carried with him a spear and a bowl. He pierced his spear into the earth and water gushed forth from under it. This water ran into a pond. I drank myself to the full from this pond and filled my skin bag. Then I went to inform my companions. They also came, drank and filled their bags. Yet the pond remained as full as ever. Can one stay away from such a place where such people gather?” (Rowdh)
(Hazrat Ibn Arabi R.A. also mentioned this story his ‘Muhaadraat’. He says further that this merchant’s goods were worth 50,000 dinars (pounds) of which one pearl alone was worth 4000 dinars.)

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