Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 2

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Friday, November 12th, 2010

Story No. 5: (Episode)
Hazrat Zun Noon R.A. relates: “On one Haj journey I met a young man in the desert who was also going the same way. He was a most handsome youth, shining as the full moon and the love for Allah drove him along .I took him under my care and said. “This is a very long and arduous journey.”
In poetic manner he replied:
For them that are lazy and have no urge this journey is arduous; and for them that are filled with Allah’s love it is a pleasure not far.

Story No. 6: (Episode)
When the famous saint Hazrat Shibli R.A. arrived at Arafaat he remained quite and not a word passed his lips. Later he left for Mina and as soon as he passed the borders of the haram, tears started flowing from his eyes and he said: “I depart from here having stamped my heart with the seal of Thy love. That none save Thee may enter if afresh. Oh that I now may close these eyes of mine and till I behold the sight of Thy Countenance Divine; No other sight my eyes refresh; Among friends there are those who are for Thee alone and there are those who have others to share their friendship; But when tears flows down the cheeks then it is obvious who are the ones that are truly crying and who are pretending to cry.” (Rowdh)
Perceive deeply,
The difference between;
An enemy and lover are;
Some pretend to be made,
And some are truly mad.

Story No. 7: (Episode)
When Hazrat Fudhail bin Iyaadh R.A. was on the plain of Arafaat he too remained silent and only when the sun had set did he say: “O Allah, even though You may have forgiven me, still I bewail the wretched of my condition.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 8: (Episode)
Hazrat Ibrahim bin Mahlab R.A. says: “While making tawaaf, I once saw a young girl hanging onto the Ka’bah’s cloth crying out: “O Allah for the sake of Thy love for me, strengthen my heart.”
I asked her: “Dear maiden, how do you know that Allah loves you?”
She replied: “I know that by the favors He bestows on me. To bring me to Islam, He sent the Muslim army, on which he spent so much money. He brought me forth from under the yoke of the infidels and converted me to Islam and granted me knowledge of Him, whereas before I did not know of Him. O Ibrahim, is this not His love?”
I asked her: “How much do you love Him?”
She replied: “I love Him more than anything else.”
I asked her: “How is that love?”
She replied: “Sweeter than the sweetest wine, more pleasurable than the fragrance of the essence of roses.”
Then she recited:
How can that man knows patience whose heart is filled with restlessness.
Whose tear shedding eyes have become useless through weeping constantly?
Whose body burnt by the flaming fire of His love now lean and weak does lie?
What I the cure for an illness as this? And the end of a love likes this;
Can only be hard, especially so when arrows of Mercy He lets loose.” (Rowdh)

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