Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 15

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Story No. 66: (Episode)
Hazrat Zun Noon Misri R.A says: “I was traveling in the desert towards Mecca when I suffered great thirst and went to the tribe of Makhzoon. There I chance to see a very beautiful young girl singing by herself in pleasure. Hearing her and the words she sang filled me with surprise and I said to her: “Are you not ashamed to sing like this?”
She replied: “O Zun Noon, be quiet. Last night I drank a glass full of the wine of divine love in such extreme pleasure, that even now I am drunk with the love of my Lord.”
I said to her: “You seem to be a very wise maiden. Give me some advice.”
She answered: “O Zun Noon, be silent in this world and take from it for your sustenance only so much as would suffice to keep you alive. In paradise you will have the chance to see that being who never dies.”
I asked her: “Is there any water here to drink?”
She answered: “Shall I show you the way to water?”
I thought she was going to direct me to a fountain or a well and
I said: “yes, do show me!”
She replied: “There shall be four kinds of drinkers of water. The first group will be those who shall be given to drink by the Angels as Allah calls it;
Crystal-white, of a delicious taste to those who drink. (Surah Saffaat-46)
The second group is those whom Radhwaan, the keeper of paradise shall give to drink, as Allah calls it Tasneem:
With it will be a mixture of Tasneem. (Surah Al Mutaffifeen)
And the third group are those whom Allah Himself shall give to drink as he says:
“And their Lord will give to them to drink of a wine pure and holy. (Surah Dahr-21)
She continued: “O Zun Noon, do not ever tell your secrets to anyone in this world save Allah. In the Hereafter Allah Himself shall give you to drink.”
Note: although four kinds of drinkers were to be mentioned; only three kinds were discussed. Perhaps the fourth group, to whom reference is made, are those who shall be given water by young boys as the Qur’aan says:
“Round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness) with goblets, beakers and cups filled out of clear flowing fountains. (Surah Waaqiya-17/19) (Rowdh)

Story No. 67: (Episode)
(a) Some people once gathered at the house of Hazrat Umar R.A. A slave girl passed and someone remarked that she belonged to him. Thereupon Hazrat Umar R.A replied: “No she does not belong to Umar and she is not permissible for him. She belongs to the public treasure. For me only these things are permissible from the treasury; one set of clothing for summer and one for winter; that which is required to perform Haj or Umrah and such maintenance for daily needs that would suffice for a man not poor and not rich.”

(b) Hazrat Aslam R.A, the slave of Hazrat Umar R.A says: “One day we came to know that Hazrat Umar R.A. had a desire to eat fresh fish. Hazrat Yarfa R.A., his slave mounted a camel and traveled to the sea to buy fish. On the way back he hurried in order to present the fish in its fresh state to the Khalifa. The camel sweated profusely, so Hazrat Yarfa R.A. washed and dried it thoroughly so that no one could see how hard he rode the animal.
When he gave the fish to the Hazrat Khalifa, Umar R.A said: “Come let us see your camel.” Hazrat Umar R.A. inspected the animal and saw some sweat behind the one ear. Then he said: “I see you have forgotten to wash behind the ears! In order to satisfy the taste and desire of one man you have tortured this animal. By Allah, Umar shall never taste this fish.”

(c) Hazrat Abdullah bin Aamir R.A. says: “I went on Haj with Hazrat Umar R.A He did not have a tent in which to stay nor a shelter under which to sit. He merely spread out a piece of cloth or a skin under a tree and sat down in its shade. (Taarikhul Khulafa)

Story No. 68: (Episode)
Hazrat Fudhail bin Ayaz R.A was a famous saint. It is said about him that when he was on the plain of Arafaat and when every one was busy in communion with Allah and earnestly praying to him, Fudhail was very heart sore and crying bitterly, just as a woman would cry over her small infant child who had died and is burning in fire. Sat the time of sunset he lifted his face up to heaven and said: “O Lord, even though You may have forgiven me, still will I cry over my great ill fortune and my bad condition.” (Ihya Uloomud Deen)
In his muhadharaat, Hazrat Ibn Arabi R.A. also mentions this story and added that at Arafaat Hazrat Mutraf R.A. used to say: “O Allah, do not deprive them all of Thy mercies, merely for the face that I am with them.”
Hazrat Bakr bin Abdullah R.A. said: “what a noble place this Arafaat would be, and what a wonderful place it would be for those present to receive Allah’s pleasure, if I was not present here.”

Story No. 69: (Episode)
Hazrat Rabee bin Sulaymaan R.A says: “I once went for Fajr together with my brother and a group of other pilgrims. On reaching Kufa. I went into the town to buy some of the necessities required for the journey. On the way in a desolate spot I saw a woman dressed like one of the poor, cutting pieces of meat from a dead mule lying on the ground: having a natural death. She placed the meat in a basket.
I saw all this; and it grieved me to think that possibly this woman was taking meat from a dead animal to feed others. Therefore I felt that I could never remain silent having seen such a thing. I followed her in such a manner that she did not know of my presence.
In the town she came to a big house which had a very big door. There she had knocked, and after she had identified herself; four young girls came to open the door. She went inside and placed the basket in front of the children. The girls by this time were crying, and one could see that they were passing through a state of great want and misfortune. While I listened at the door, I heard the mother say: “Take this and cook it for yourself to eat; and thank Allah; Verily Allah is He Who has power over all; and He has power to turn men’s hearts.”
The girls cut the meat, grilled it and began eating. From where I stood I felt such anguish that I shouted; “O you servants of Allah, do not eat it; for Allah’s sake!’ she shouted back to me; ‘Who are you?’
I answered: “I am stranger around here.”
She said: “O stranger, what do you desire from us? We, ourselves are in a bad state and imprisoned by our predestined fate. For three years now we have had no helper and no earthly maintainer. What do You want from us?”
I said: “in no religion is it permissible for anyone to eat dead animals; except among some Zoroastrians (fire-worshippers).’
She replied: “we belong to a family of Rasulullah Sal’am. The father of my daughters was a noble Sayyid. It was his great desire to get his daughters married among me of his own class and rank. Unfortunately before he could do this, he passed away. And soon what he left for us was exhausted. We know that it is not possible to eat from the carcass of dead animals, but at a time when circumstances force one to do so; it is permissible. For four days we had nothing to eat.’
When I heard her story I was move to tears and, greatly distressed, I returned from there. When I met my brother again I said to him: “Brother, I have now, no more the intention of proceeding for Haj.” Hearing these words from me, my brother did his best to persuade me to carry on. He expounded on the virtues of Haj and told me that a Haji returns as a newborn babe. I told him not to waste more time in trying to make me alter my decision, and took my ihraam clothes and all my goods plus sic hundred dir’hams, and bought with it flour for two hundred dir’hams; and clothes for another hundred; and sent all that to the house of the girls, having first hidden the rest of the money in the flour.
Wen the mother received it she praised Allah greatly and said to me; ‘May Allah forgive all your previous and future sins; May Allah give you the reward of a Haj and grant you a high place in paradise; May Allah give you a good return for this which you have given us-a return that will become known to you.”
The eldest girl said: “May Allah reward you doubly and forgive your sins.” The second one said: ‘May Allah grant you so much more than what you have given us.’ The third one said: ‘May Allah raise you up on the day of Qiyaamah with our grandfather Rasulullah Sal’am. The youngest said: “O Allah the One that has favored us. You favor him abundantly soon; and forgive his previous and future sins.’
Hazrat Rabee R.A. continues the story: “the Hajis left and I remained in kufa. When they returned after Haj, I went to welcome them, hoping to let them make duaa for me. Perhaps Allah would accept someone’s duaa of my behalf. When a group came into sight I felt a bit of remorse; for having missed Haj; and in this sadness some tears fell from my eyes. When I met them I said; “May Allah accept your Ha and reward you for what you have spent.” One of them said to me: “Why do you say that?” what kind of prayer is this?” I replied: “It is the well wishing duaa for one who has been deprived of the blessing of being present at his door.” He replied: “What surprising words; how can you now deny having been there?” “Were you not present with us at Arafaat; You were indeed among us as we threw stones at Jamaraat; You performed tawaaf with us” I thought; ‘This must be Allah’s grace.’
While waiting there the Hajis from my own town arrived, and said to one of them: “May Allah accept your Haj and reward you for your exerting yourself and spending in His way.” He too spoke me having been present at Aarafaat, having been at Mina and was surprised now at my denial of that. One of them came forward and said: “Brother, but why do you deny?” You were indeed with us in Mecca and Madina!” at Madina when we came through Baab Jibra’il, you gave this bag to me as a result of the great crowd around us. On it was written
Whoever deals with us; shall profit.”
‘Here take your money bag.’
Hazrat Rabee R.A. says: “I swear by Allah that I had never seen the money bag in my life. Anyway greatly amazed, I took it home with me. Having performed Esha salaah and the normal nightly wazeefas, I lay awake wandering about this strange story about me having been in pilgrimage while I knew that I had not been there for Haj. At this thought I fell asleep in a dream I saw Rasulullah Sal’am. I greeted him and kissed his hand. With a radiant smile he answered my salaam and said to me;
“O Rabee! How many more witnesses do you require before you believe that you have performed Haj? Yet you believe not.
Listen! When through the kindness of your heart, you postponed your Haj and instead gave charity to a lady from among my children’ and when you also gave your provisions to them, I prayed to Allah to grant you a reward which shall be better and more profitable in return. Thereupon Allah caused an angel to appear in your form and commanded the angel to perform haj on your behalf annually and forever; and in the world Allah had granted you a reward of six hundred sovereigns in place of the six hundred dirhams you have spent. Whosoever deals with us; shall profit.”
When I woke up from this dream I opened the bag and behold, I found therein six hundred gold sovereigns. (Rush-Fatus Sawee)

Story No. 70: (Episode)
Hazrat Sayyid Samhudi R.A tells another story of this type. He says that Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubaarak R.A. used to perform Haj one year and go for jihaad the other year. Hazrat Abdullah R.A. relates:
“One year when it was my year for Haj, I took five hundred dinars and took the road to Mecca. At Kufa I stopped and went to the camel market with the intention of buying a camel. On the other side I saw a dead duck. A woman sitting there. She picked up the duck and started cleaning it by plucking its feathers. Seeing this I approached her ad asked her: “What are you doing dear woman?” she replied: “why do you inquire about such things which do not concern you?” this set me thinking. However I insisted on an answer. Then she said: “Your persistence has forced me to open my heart. I am a lady from among the Sayyids- the family of Rasulullah Sal’am. I have four young daughters whose father passed away. This is now the fourth day that we have not even tasted a thing and in such dire need are we that the eating of dead animals has become permissible. I am taking this dead duck to feed my daughters.”
Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubaarak R.A says: “Her story filled me with sorrow. I told her to stretch forth her hand and in it I placed five hundred dinars. She took it and went home, while I postponed my intention for Haj and returned home. After Haj I was so amazed that whenever I met any of the returning Hajis and wished them a ‘Haj maqbool’ they would wish me the same. Then, when I said anything further, they would remind me about having met me at such and such a place. I could not understand this. That night I saw a dream, wherein Rasulullah Sal’am said to me: “O son of Mubaarak, there is no need to be astonished. You have assisted distressed one from among my children, whereupon I begged Allah to appoint one such angel to perform Haj in your form and on your behalf until Qiyaamah and now you have a choice. You may perform Haj or you may leave it.” (Rushfa)

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