Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 14

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Story No. 61: (Episode)
One of the saints relates: “I was once in great sorrow and distress. My whole being was overcome with fear. In this distressed state, I took the road to Mecca; with no animal for conveyance, and without food.
For three days I walked thus in the desert. On the fourth day I felt such extreme thirst that death seemed very near. There I was in the desert and nowhere around could a tree be seen where I could sit down in some shade. Feeling the approach of death I sat down in the direction of the Qibla.
As I sat there, sleep overtook me and in a dream I saw a man coming towards me with his hands stretched out to me, saying: “Here take my hand.” I stretched my hand and he shook hands with me. Then he spoke: “I have come to give you glad tidings; you shall perform Haj and return safe and sound, and you shall also visit the grave of Rasulullah Sal’am.”
I asked: “Who are you?”
He replied: “I am Khidhar.”
I said: “Pray for me.”
He replied: “Recite these words three times.”
“O You who are Most Gracious to His Creatures;
O You who knows the condition of His Creation;
O You who are Aware of His Creation; Be Gracious to me; O You who are Gracious; You who are All Knower; You who are Aware.”
Then Hazrat Khidhar A.S. said: “This is a present to you-a medicine that will always suffice and be of benefit. Whenever you are in any trouble, recite this and your trouble will depart.”
Having said this he disappeared. Just then a voice called out to me: “O Shaikh! O Shaikh.” When I heard this I woke up and saw someone on a camel. He asked me: “Did you not see a certain young man around here?”
I replied: “No I did not see anyone like that.”
He said: “A young man of ours has left home seven days ago. We heard that he went to perform Haj. But where are you going?”
I answered: “I go where Allah takes me.”
He made his camel sit. Then he gave me two pieces of bread with sweetmeat in between and some water. That filled me. We traveled for one day and two nights. Then we met a group of people traveling together. When we asked them about the young man we found that he was with them. My companions went to look for him and a short while later he came back with the youth he said to him; “Son, it is through the blessing of this man that I have found you.” Then I separated from them and followed the caravan. Not long after this I met the same man who gave me something wrapped in a piece of paper. He kissed my hand and departed. Inside I found five sovereigns with which I hired a camel and ate of it during the pilgrimage. After Haj I also visited Rasulullah Sal’am grave in Madina and then the grave of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S and whenever I met with any distress or difficulty I recited the duaa taught by hazrat Khidhar A.S. It proved to be very beneficial and for all this I am most grateful to Allah.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 62: (Episode)
A saint describes a lengthy story of his meeting with the hidden Hazrat Khidhar A.S. wherein Hazrat Khidhar A.S is reported to have said to him; “I perform my Fajr salaah in Mecca and then remain seated in the Hateem of the Ka’bah near Rukn-Shaami until sunrise. Then I perform Zuh’r in Madina, AS’r salaah in Baytul-Muqad’das, in Jerusalem, Maghrib salaah in Mount Sinai and Esha salaah at the wall of Sikandar (Alexander).” (Rowdh)

Story No. 63: (Episode)
Another saint relates this story: “Once I traveled with some friends from Aden. At night something struck me in my foot and then I could not walk further. I therefore sat down there on the shore, while my companions continued on their journey.
Having fasted the whole day I was hungry but had nothing with me to eat. I then decided to sleep. From nowhere two pieces of bread suddenly appeared in front of me and with it; a roasted bird. I took the bread and left the bird aside. As I did that a dark skinned man appeared with an iron rod in his hand saying: “Eat that”. I ate the bread and a piece of the bird. The rest I wrapped in a cloth and placed under my head; then I slept. When I woke up I found the cloth as I had placed it, but the bread and the rest of the bird had vanished.

Story No. 64: (Episode)
Another man relates: “while in Mecca I sat down one day with a group of righteous people. Among them was a saintly man of Hashimite descent whose appearance was like one in a deep trance. Later when he came out of the trance he asked: “Did you also see what I had just seen?”
We replied: “No, we saw nothing.” He continued: “I have just seen a group of angels in Ihraam performing tawaaf.” I asked them ‘who are you?’ and they replied: “We are angels.” Thereupon I asked them: “How is your love for Allah?” to which they replied: “Our love is hidden, while yours is exposed.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 65: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Abu Sulaymaan Daaraani R.A. reports: “I set forth in the direction of Mecca with the intention of performing Haj and Ziyaarat of Rasulullah Sal’am. On the way I met a young man in the prime of hi youth who had the same intentions as mine. He was such a deeply religious person, that as long as our caravan went along, he kept busy reciting the Qur’aan, and whenever we stopped anywhere he performed salaah. And so he continued in salaah throughout the night. During the day he observed fast. This continued until we reached Mecca and there we separated.
At the moment of separation, I asked him: “Young man, tell me what has made you exert yourself so endlessly in Ibaadah?”
He replied: “O Hazrat Abu Sulaymaan R.A; I have seen in a dream one of the mansions of paradise, which like the others was built of bricks of silver and gold. So also is its top story. On top I saw two towers and between these towers I saw a damsel who lives there. She was so beautiful that no eyes had ever seen such beauty and heavenly complexion; with such beautiful locks of hair hanging down in front.
When she saw me, she smiled at me and when she smiled the whole of paradise lit up with the shine of her teeth; as she smiled. She said to me: “O young man exert yourself in Ibaadah for Allah’s sake, so that I may become yours; and you become mine.” At this my eyes opened and I awoke from my dream. This is my story; and now it has become an obsession with me to exert myself in Ibaadah, and whatever you have seen of me is merely my means of acquiring those bounties of paradise.”
I asked him to pray for me. This he did and left. After this I thought things over carefully and said to myself: “If such is his exertion and striving in order to acquire one damsel of paradise, how much more should not be ones exertion to acquire the Lord, Master and Creator of those damsels of Paradise.” (Rowdh)

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