Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 13

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Story No. 56: (Episode)
Hazrat Sa’eed bin Abi Arubah R.A says: “Hajjaj bin Yusuf Thaqafi; who is supposed to have been one of the most cruel rulers and governors once went for Haj. Along the way he stopped at a certain Manzil (stopping place) where he ordered that breakfast be served.
He sent his assistants to summon one of the local inhabitants to eat with him so that in conversation with him he cold find out the true position there. The assistant went and on a mountain he saw a bedouin lying fast asleep. He struck him and forcibly removed him to the presence of Hajjaj. When they arrived, Hajjaj told him: “Wash your hands and come to eat with me.” The bedouin replied: “You invite me to eat, but already before you; that being has invited me who is much higher than you.”
Hajjaj asked: “And who is he?”
The bedouin replied: “He is Allah who has invited me to fast; and I am fasting today.”
Hajjaj asked: “Are you fasting in such heat?”
The bedouin replied: “Yes, I am fasting in preparation for that day which shall be even hotter than today”
Hajjaj said: “Break your fast and eat today. Tomorrow you may fast another day in its place.”
The bedouin replied: “Well if you can guarantee that I shall be alive tomorrow than I shall do as you wish.”
Hajjaj answered: “Who can possibly be sure of that?”
The bedouin said: “so why should I change something in cash for such a credit, of which there is no guarantee?”
Hajjaj said: “This food is delicious.”
The bedouin said: “You are not the one who made it so delicious, nor is it the work of the cook. In fact it is only delicious because of good health.”
‘Food does not owe its delicious nature due to the talents of cooks; but the blessing of good health. For if my health is impaired, no tastes good; and if it is well, all food is wealth.’
Story No. 57: (episode)
On another occasion when Hajjaj bin Yousuf went to perform Haj he saw a man in the tawaaf reciting ‘Labbaik’ loudly. He ordered that the man be brought before him and said to him: “From which people are you?”
He replied: “I belong to the Muslims”
Hajjaj said: “I am not asking about that. From which town are you?”
He replied: “I come from Yamen”
Hajjaj asked: “When you left Yamen, how was my brother Muhammad bin Yousuf?”
The man said: “He was nice and fat, wearing many kinds of clothing, roaming about much on horseback, sometimes inside the city and often outside.”
Hajjaj said: “I am not asking you about that.”
He asked: “what is it then you want to know?”
Hajjaj said: “How are his general habits?”
He retorred: “He is a greatly unjust person, obeying man and not Allah, sinning against Him.”
Hajjaj said: “How can you say such bad and harsh thing about him, knowing our relationship?”
He replied: “The relationship between you and him cannot be as my relationship is with Allah. I have come here to visit His House, to affirm belief in His Nabi, to perform my obligation of Haj and to give obedience to His Deen.”
“O Allah, to You is my refuge and in You do I seek refuge. Your help is near at hand and Your favors have been with us since time immemorial. Verily Your manner of dealing is best.”

Story No. 58: (Episode)
A saintly man says: “While performing tawaaf once, I saw girl carrying a very young child on her shoulder. The girl called out loudly: “O Noble Lord great thanks to You for Your great favor to me in times gone by.”
I asked her: “Pray, tell me what is that great favor that has passed between Allah and yourself?”
She replied: “We were once on a boat at sea, a great storm arose with hurricane winds blowing fiercely. With us there were many traders and as the boat sank they were all drowning except myself, this child and one dark-skinned man was hanging onto another. No one else was saved. We held onto the raft right through the night. When the light of dawn broke, the dark man saw me, and dragged himself through the water towards my raft.
When he came next to em he left his raft and held onto ours next to me. He uttered evil words intending evil acts with me, whereupon I said to Him: “Fear Allah. Do you not realize that terrible danger wherein we find ourselves, from which it is very difficult to be released? How can you think of sin at a moment like this?’ he replied determinedly: “Stop to talk. Whatever I intend with you shall be done, no matter what happens.” At that moment this child was asleep in my lap. Quietly I pinched him and he cried. Seeing the man’s determination I said: ‘Just wait a while until I have put this child to sleep. Whatever Allah had predetermined shall happen’. The man took the child from me by force and threw him into the sea. Seeing this I called out:
“O Allah, Who intervenes even between a man and his intentions. O Rab (Lord), do You intervene between this man and myself and save me. You alone have the power to separate and You have power over all things.”
I swear by Allah, these words had hardly left my mouth when I saw huge monster raising its head from beneath the water. The monster got hold of him and swallowed him before it again disappeared under the water thus did Allah save me from this man. He alone has power over all and great indeed in His Glory.
Thereafter the waves of the sea pushed me along until I reached an island, where I landed. I said to myself that I would eat grass and drink water there for as long as Allah pleases. For four days I remained there. On the fifth day I saw a big boat passing near the island. I attract their attention. They saw me and three men came in a small boat and took me to the ship.
In the boat I was shocked to see this child also. This child that the dark skinned man had thrown into the sea. This was a great surprise to me and I fell upon the child, kissing him and holding him tightly to my breasts as I exclaimed: ‘this is my child, this is my beloved child.’ They said: “Are you mad? Are you out of your senses?”
I replied: “I am neither mad nor out of my senses. I have a strange tale to tell.” Then I told them the whole story.
When they had heard it they lowered their heads in confusion and disbelief and said: “You have told us an almost unbelievable story. Now we shall tell you a similar unbelievable incident.
We were sailing quite comfortably in this boat with the wind in our favor, when all of a sudden a huge monster came along side us with this child on its back. We heard a voice saying: ‘If you do not take this child from the back of the monster, your ship shall be sunk.’ One of us lifted off the monster back’. The monster disappeared under the water. Both your story and ours are amazing. And now we all promise that Allah shall not see us again in sin in the future. We repent for all our sins.”
The girl continued: “How great is Allah, How Merciful He is, aware of the troubles of His slaves. Numerous are His favors and His servants from all their calamities.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 59: (Episode)
Hazrat Abu Amr Zujaji R.A says: “After I made the niyyah for Haj, I proceeded on my way to meet Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi R.A. He gave me a dir’ham . This I placed inside my waistband and left. I was surprised to find that wherever I went al my needs were seen to be complete without spending anything. This happened throughout the journey. When I returned after Haj I went to meet Hazrat Junaid R.A.again. He stretched forth his hand and said to me: “Give me back my dir’ham.” I gave the dir’ham back to him- surprised that he knew that I still possessed it.
Then he asked: “How did you find this coin?” I replied: “Exceedingly good.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 60: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Yusuf bin Hamdaan R.A. says: “I once traveled to Mecca from Basra, together with a group of poor pilgrims. Among these Haajis was a young man who proved to be a very righteous and saintly person; always busy with zikrullah and righteous works. It was a pleasure to be in his company. I became infatuated with him.
When we reached Madina, he became ill; and we did not see him for a few days. One day we went to visit him. When we saw him, we became worried about his health and among ourselves it was resolved that a doctor should be consulted to diagnose the illness; and to treat him, that some kid of medicine may cure him.
He heard us making this decision; and opened his eyes smiling and saying; “Respected brothers, friends; what a bad thing it is that agreement should be followed by disagreement and opposition. Is it not against Allah’s will and desire that He choose for us one way; and we on the other hand prefer another?” we heard these words and felt ashamed of ourselves.
He looked at us and said: “If ever medicine is to be found for him; who has the illness of the love for Allah, from such a person; who has already been healed from such love, then seek medicine. Let it be known that these illness we see are in fact ways of attaining purity of body and forgiveness for sins. Illness causes us to remember the Hereafter.”
Then he recited three couplets:
“My medicine is only in Allah’s hands; He alone knows my disease.”
“Through having followed my desires; I persecute my soul unjustly.”
“When for an ailment I drink medicine; my disease only increases.” (Rowdh)

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