Hajj of the Saintly Elders Part 10

Chapter 10 - The Farewell Hajj of Rasulullah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Story No. 41: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Abu Yakoob Basri R.A says: “Once in the Haram of Mecca I suffered extreme hunger and for ten days could not find anything to eat. Because of this I decided to go outside, perhaps I would find something to eat. The only edible thing that I found was a rotten turnip lying on the ground. I picked it up, but suddenly I did not feel like eating it at all because a thought crossed my mind; “For ten days I have been starving and when you finally find something to eat it turned out to be a rotten turnip.” I threw it away and returned to the mosque, where I sat down. Not long after this a stranger came along. In front of me he placed a cloth bag and said to me: “Take that! Inside you will find a small bag wherein there are five hundred gold sovereigns. It is something which I vowed to give you.”
I asked him: “But why is it given to me specially?” he replied: “For ten days now we have been lost at sea until our boat came near to sinking. Each of us at that time made a separate vow. I made this vow to Allah that if He saves us I shall give this bag of money to the first person on whom I set eyes from the residents of Mecca. Allah brought us to safety, and you are the first person I have seen in Mecca.” I said: “Open the bag.”
He opened it and therein I found white sugar candy bread, peeled almond and some sweet-meats: I took some of each and gave him back the rest of the food and said to him: “I accept the gift-offering, but take the food and distribute it among your dependant.”
And in my heart I said: “how strange the sustenance is being transported to you over ten days and here you dwell around searching for it.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 42: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Banaan R.A. says: “I came for Haj from Egypt. With me I has sufficient provisions. Along the way I met a lady who said to me; ‘O Banaan, it seems that you are also a porter-Hammaal carrying goods. Do you perhaps fear that Allah shall not provide you with sustenance?” hearing her say this I threw my provisions away. Then for three days I could find nothing to eat. Thereafter all I found lying on the ground was an ornament which ladies use as jewelry on their feet. I picked it up with the intention of giving it back to the rightful owner if and when I find him or her. Possibly he may then reward me.
Again the lady appeared and said: ‘it seems you have set forth as a merchant hoping that in return for the ornament you will be rewarded with something.” Then she threw some dir’hams in my direction, saying: “Use that for spending.”
I used the money and the money was sufficient for the entire Haj journey and return to Egypt. Says the poet:
“Many are the strong ones, shrewd in their trades,
And intelligent, yet sustenance avoids them.”
“And many are the weak ones; weak in their trades,
Yet as the waters of the sea; Rizq flows to them.”
This indeed shows that; with his creatures Allah has a plan, Secret in nature: “Not divulged to men.”

Story No. 43: (Episode)
Hazrat Shaikh Abu Bakr Kattaani R.A says: “Once during the Haj in Mecca a discussion took place concerning the ardent love of Allah. Prominent Masha’ikh (expert in spiritualism) elaborated on the subject. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi R.A. was also present at this gathering; and was apparently one of the youngest. These Masha’ikh asked of him: “O Iraaqi! You also, might as well elaborate on this issue.” In response Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi R.A. lowered his head in humbleness and tears began flowing from his eyes. He then said: “An Ashiq (ardent lover of Allah) is that servant of Allah who has divorced his mortal self from his carnal desires and as a result is constantly absorbed in the remembrance of Allah; and is forever ready to fulfill his duties towards Allah; and with the power of his inner self he sees Allah all the time; the illumination of his Master, and Allah’s fear has burnt out all other love from his heart; and he has taken a drink of the pure love of his Master; And Allah the Almighty has shed his veil and has become apparent to him; Therefore, if such an Ashiq talks, then it is with Allah alone; and if any word is uttered by him, then it is from Allah; and if he makes any movement then it is by Allah’s order; and if he remains still, then it is with Allah that he remains still. So he is at every single moment attached to Allah. He is for Allah and Allah only: he is with Allah only.
At this elucidation, all the Masha’ikh began weeping and saying: “There cannot be a better elaboration.” May Allah repair your broken bridges leading to Him, and His love; O king of spiritualists!

Story No. 44: (Episode)
Hazrat Dah’haak bin Mazaahim R.A says: “One Thursday evening I decided to visit the Jaam’e Masjid of Kufa and went there. In the courtyard of the Masjid, I saw a young man in Sujood, weeping bitterly. To myself I said that this must be some saintly personality. I went nearer to him so that I could hear what he said and heard him saying:
“On You, Lord of Glory do I rely,
And fortunate are those, whose goal You are;”
“Happy are they who spend the night fearful of You;
And open their hearts: in complaint of their sorrows before You;”
“No other illness troubles them,
Except that they bear love for Him.”
“And when at dead of night; they humbly beg of him,
He answers their calls, and grants their plea.”
While reading these lines, he repeatedly recited the first one while weeping uncontrollably. I became so affected by his weeping that tears came to my eyes. Then he spoke such words that I perceived that he must be of high spiritual rank, as he heard these lines: “My bondsman! I am present and you are in my care, and I hear the words you spoken and my angels long for your voice.” “Indeed we have forgiven your fault.”
I greeted him and replied. Then I said: “May Allah bless this night for you and bless you as well. Who are you? He replied that he was Raashid bin Sulayman. Then I recognized him, because I had already heard much about him in the past, and I had the desire to meet him. This war our first meeting. I begged his permission to remain in his service and company, to which he replied; ” That is a difficult task, how can he who remains in contact with the Divine Master, have time for social relations with his fellow men? By Allah, if any of the saints of old should pass our people of today, they will say of them: ‘These people do not believe in the Hereafter.’
After saying this Raashid disappeared. Allah alone knows whether he flew into the heavens or sank into the earth. Separation from him filled me with grief. I then begged of Allah to grant me another meeting with him before my death.
It so happened that I once went for Haj and there I saw him once more sitting in the shade of the wall of the Ka’bah: a huge crowd had gathered around him reciting Surah An’aam to him. When he saw me he smiled, came towards me and embraced me.
He said: “did you beseech Allah to cause us to meet once more before your death?”
I replied: “Yes, respected sir, I did.”
He said: “Praise to Allah.”
I said: “May Allah be gracious to you, tell me, what did you see on that night when we last met?”
At this he uttered a frightful cry, which made me, realized that his heart’s purdah had been torn aside.
He fell down unconscious and all those around him hurriedly disappeared. When he regained consciousness he said: “Brother, do you not know that the lovers of Allah have a great fear of exposing His secrets.”
I asked: “Who were these people sitting around you and reciting the Quraan?”
He replied: “they are Jinns. Because of a long-standing relationship with them, I honor and respect them. They come with me for Haj annually and always recite the Quraan-e-Kareem for me.”
Then he bid me farewell with these words: “May Allah cause us to meet again in Jannat, where there shall be no separation, no hardship and no sorrow.”
Thereafter he again disappeared and I never saw him again.” (Rowdh)

Story No. 45: (Episode)
It is related there was once one of the saints of the Haram, who daily and every day someone brought him two pieces of bread with which to break his fast.
One day a thought came to him: “How is it that you depend on world?” when the benefactor came with the bread that night he sent him back with the bread. The man left and for the next three days he could find nothing to eat.
That night he earnestly prayed to Allah for help and in a dream he saw himself standing before the Lord. Allah said to him: “Why did you return the bread, which I used to send to you at the hands of one of my servant?
He replied: Lord, I thought that in accepting from him I was depending on other than You for sustenance.”
Allah said: “But who was it that sent him to you?”
He replied: ” You did Allah.”
Allah asked: “In that case take that bread and refuse it not.”
After this he again saw the benefactor standing in the same position before Allah.
Allah asked him: “My bondsman, why did you stop giving bread to my servant?
He answered: “My Lord and Master, You know all.”
Allah asked: “to whom then did you give the bread?”
He answered: “I used to give it to You.’
Allah said: “Henceforth continue to give the bread as before. You shall receive paradise as your reward.” (Rowdh)

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