Hadith Number Two

Chapter 05 - The manner of performing Hajj, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Hazrat Ibn Abbas R.A. reports: ‘On the day of Arafaat a young man; Fadhl; was Rasulullah’s sal’am companion, sharing his camel; when the young man cast his eyes, staring at the women. Whereupon Rasulullah sal’am said: ‘O so of my brother, this is such a day when whoever controls his hearing, his sight and the tongue; he shall certainly be forgiven by Allah’. The young man here referred to was Fadl Ibn Abbaas.

On the day of Arafaat the crowd is indeed a big one; consisting of both males and females. It is very necessary that one should control hi senses; particularly at such a gathering when one feels the desire to look at strange attractive woman and to listen to their voices: the sight does not stray towards that which is not permissible to watch, the ears to that which is improper to hear and not to speak in correctly. Otherwise it may mean that all our deeds can be rejected. Allah says in the Qur’an: ‘And if anyone undertakes therein the Haj; let there be no obscenity; nor wickedness or wrangling in Haj.’ (Mishkaat)

In one Hadith it is related: ‘When a man shares a house with a strange woman; the third one present is the Shaytaan.’ (Mishkaat)

It very often happens that women travel to Haj in the company of ghair mah’ram, i.e. those that one is not prohibited by the Sari’ah to marry. Many a time even when travelling with a mah’ram; from her next of kin; it does happen that she is left alone in the house with strangers; ghair mah’rams. Very great care should be taken that such occasions do not occur. Once Rasulullah Sal’am said: “Let no woman remain alone in a house with such a man who is to her a ghair mah’ram; and let no woman proceed on a journey without her mah’ram”. Upon this one of the companions asked: “O Rasulullah Sal’am my name has been written down in the list of those who are to proceed forthwith to a certain battle; jihaad; while my wife desires to go for haj?’ Rasulullah Sal’am replied: “Go ahead to perform Haj with your wife”. (Mishkaat)

It should be noted here, that Rasulullah Sal’am exempted a companion from jihaad; which at that time was very important; rather than letting his wife proceed for Haj alone. According to one Hadith, which in its narration reads that: ‘When a woman goes out of her home; a shaytan accompanies her with the sole purpose of misleading her; so as to draw the attention of others towards her. Hence the presence of a mah’ram with her is a very necessary deterrent factor. In another hadith Rasulullah Sal’am prohibited the companions from sitting alone with a woman. One sahaabi on hearing this asked: ‘If the visitor is a younger brother-in-law to her?’ Rasulullah Sal’am then replied: ‘A younger brother-in-law is death to her’, meaning thereby that there is more fear and danger of a brother-in-law falling into sin with a woman. For this even more precaution is required. It so often happens that she has to live close to a brother-in-law: in which if the relationship is not proper; can have terrible consequences. In a Hadith where one is urged to control the eyes, ears etc; it does not only refer to the sin of seeing and looking at ghair mahrams. It also refers to all sins of the senses; e.g. backbiting, gossip; which may either be committed by one or heard by him; both of which is sin. Similarly, looking at all forms of forbidden amusements and pleasures are included in this.

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