Hadith Number Three

Chapter 07 - Concerning the Umrah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Hazrat Ibn Abbaas R.A. reports that a woman hazrat Um Saleem R.A, once came to the Messenger of Allah and said: ‘O Rasulullah Sal’am (my husband) Abu Talha and his son had gone to perform Haj, and left me behind.’ Rasulullah Sal’am replied: ‘O Um Saleem, to perform one umrah in the month of Ramadhaan is equal in reward of a Haj in my company’. This is not the only hadith in which it is stated that the reward of an umrah in Ramadhaan is the same as Haj in the company of Rasulullah Sal’am.

When Rasulullah Sal’am prepared to go for Haj, the wife of one of the companions told her husband: ‘Please take me also to perform Haj with Rasulullah Sal’am. He replied: ‘I have no camel to your carrier on Haj’. She said: “But you have one more camel”. He replied: “I cannot load you on that because I have made that camel waqf in the way of Allah”. The result was that the wife stayed behind.

After Rasulullah Sal’am returned from Haj he was informed by the husband what transpired. Rasulullah Sal’am then said: ‘going on the camel for Haj would also have been in the way of Allah: and if she had gone on it, it would not have been wrong.” Thereupon the man said: ‘O Rasulullah Sal’am my wife sends you her greetings and inquires what the compensation is for having missed Haj in your company?’

Rasulullah Sal’am replied: “Convey my salaams to her and tell her to perform one umrah in the month of Ramadhaan which is similar to having performed Haj in my company”. (Abu Dawood)

Similar incidents happened with Hazrat Um Sinaa R.A, Um Maaqal. Um Tulaiq and Hazrat Um Hasheem R.A. they all desired to perform Haj with Rasulullah Sal’am but for some reason or other could not do so, and to each of them Rasulullah Sal’am gave the same answer. Hazrat Hafiz Ibn Hajra R.A. mentions all these cases in his famous commentary on Bukhari called Fat’hul Baari and said it does not mean that the fardh Haj is considered to have been performed by going for an umrah in Ramadhaan. All the ulama are agreed upon this. It means only that the umrah coupled with the great blessing of Ramadhaan, become similar in reward to that of Haj.

Hazrat Imaam Ibn Jowzi Rah mentions that very often it happens that because of the blessedness of time, the reward of some acts are tremendously magnified; as for example in the case of security of intention.

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