Hadith Number Six

Chapter 06 - The virtue of Makkah And The Holy Kaabah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Friday, November 20th, 2009

Hazrat Anas bin Maalik R.A. reports that Rasulullah Sal’am said: ‘The salaat which a person performs in his house is one salaat; and his salaat in the local masjid is equal to 25 salaats: and his salaat in the Jaame Masjid where the people gather is rewarded to the extent of five hundred salaats; and his salaat in the mosque of Jerusalem, Masjidul Aqsaa is rewarded to the extent of fifty thousand salaats: and his salaat in my mosque-Masjidul Nabawi in the Holy Mosque of Makkah is rewarded to the extent of one hundred thousand salaats’
The fact that salaat in the Holy Mosque of Makkah is rewarded up to one hundred thousand times be borne out by many ahaadith.

Hazrat Hasan Basri R.A. used to say: ‘Fasting in Makkah for one day is equal to fasting one hundred thousand times elsewhere; to give one dirham (about 50) in charity there, is equal to giving one hundred thousand dirhams elsewhere. In fact every good deed performed there shall be as if one hundred thousand had been performed elsewhere’. (Ithaaf)

All this is contained in a Hadith of Rasulullah Sal’am quoted in chapter three. According to many reports the reward for righteous deeds in the Masjid of Rasulullah Sal’am in Madina is more than the reward for similar deeds in the Musjidul Aqsaa. Put here the reward for both these mosques is the same. Because of this Hadith ulama have given the explanation that every Masjid’s reward is reckoned in comparison with the Masjid which is smaller, i.e. the reward in the Jaame Masjid is five hundred times more than the reward of the local Masjid. Thus salaat in the Jaame Masjid is (500×25) equal to 12,000; and the reward for the Masjidul Aqsaa will be 6,250,000; Rasulullah Sal’am masjid of Madina will be 3,125,000,000; while the Holy Mosque of Makkah shall have an increased reward of so much more, which will be 1,562,500,000,000. In any case when entering the Holy Masjid in Makkah, it is very strongly recommended to make the intention for I’tikaaf also. This has in fact been recommended for entrance into every mosque. It will mean that for as long as one remains in the mosque separate reward is granted for the I’tikaaf. As far the Masjids of Makkah and Madina are concerned this niyyat should never be forgotten, as has been specially advocated and advised by Hazrat Imaam Nawavi R.A.

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