Hadith Number One

Chapter 06 - The virtue of Makkah And The Holy Kaabah, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Hazrat Ibn Abbas R.A. reports that the Messenger of Allah said: “One hundred and twenty mercies descend upon the Ka’ba every day and night; sixty for those performing tawaaf, forty for those performing salaah and twenty for those merely looking at Ka’ba”.
Here we are told that merely looking at the Ka’ba is a form of Ibaadah. Hazrat Saeed ibn Musayyib R.A. the well known. Tab’iee used to say that whoever merely looks at the Ka’ba with complete faith, becomes so cleansed of his sins as the day he was born.

Abu Saa’ib Madani said: “Whoever looks at the Ka’ba with complete faith, his sins shall fall from him as leaves from a tree and that person who sits in the mosque, merely looking at the Ka’ba without performing salaah or tawaaf is better than that person who remains in his home busy with nafl prayers and does not look at the Ka’ba”.

Hazrat Ataa R.A said: “Looking at the Ka’ba is a form of Ibbadah. That person who looks at the Ka’ba is similar in rank to him who remains in Ibaadah all night, and to him who fasts during the day, and to him who fights in the way of Allah and to him who turns to Allah in repentance.” Hazrat Ataa R.A. also said: “To look at the Ka’ba once is similar to the nafl Ibaadah of one full year.”
Hazrat Ta’oos R.A. says: “Looking at the Ka’ba is better than that person’s ibaadat who performs roza, stays awake at the night and makes jihad in the way of Allah.” Hazrat Ibrahim Nakha’ee R.A.: “That the person who looks at the ka’ba is equal in rank to that person who is out of Makkah and continuously performing Ibaadah. (Durre Mansoor). It is evident from the above Hadith how blessed are those that perform tawaaf. For this reason the ulama have said that on entering the Masjidul Haraam it is more virtuous to perform tawaaf than to perform Tahiyatul Masjid salaah. If however, for some reason, tawaaf cannot be performed, one should make the above salaah. Otherwise it is best to perform tawaaf as soon as one enters the mosque. When, however, the time for salaah is near, tawaaf should not be started. Fortunate indeed are those whom Allah granted the opportunity to perform tawaaf in abundance.

Hazrat Karz bin Wabra R.A. was a saintly man who used to perform seventy tawaafs every day and the same number every night, which was equal to the walking of about 30 miles daily. After every tawaaf he performed the normal two rakaahs salaatut tawaaf. This means he performed (apart from his obligatory prayers and sunnats) two hundred and eighty rakaahs. Apart from that he also completed two full recitations of the Holy Qur’aan daily. (Ihya)

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