Hadith Number Nine

Chapter 01 - Encouragement towards performing Hajj, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Monday, October 26th, 2009

Hazrat Buraidah R.A reports that Rasulullah Sal’am said: “The expenses incurred during Hajj is like that incurred in Jihaad; rewarded seven hundred times.”

Once Rasulullah Sal’am said to Hazrat Aeyesha R.A. “The reward for you Umrah is determined by the amount spent on it.”
That is; the more one spends on it, the more shall be the reward.

In another it is stated: “to spend in Hajj is like spending in the way of Allah, for which reward is granted unto seven hundred times.’ (Kanz)

A further Hadith mentions: “For spending one Dirham in Hajj, the reward is 40,000,000 fold i.e. spending. Spending R1 will earn R 40,000,000 that Muslim who goes to Mecca and remains stingy and unwilling to spend. The learned Shaikhs of Rareeqah have specially advised that their mureeds should not be niggardly. In discussing this same point Hazrat Imaam Ghazali R.A. writes: “Extravagance that is prohibited, means to spend on delicious food and drink. But when it comes to spending on the people of the Holy places in abundance, there is no question of extravagance.” My own Shaikhs used to say that when one goes to purchase anything with the intention of helping the merchants of Mecca, then although it is actually spent in fulfilling one’s own needs, still the money spent contributes towards the needy ones of the Holy Places. This should be remembered at all times.

In my life I have twice had the good fortune of visiting the Holy Places with my Murshid Maulana Khalil Ahmad (May he rest in peace). During our stay there when somebody used to present him with any gift he used to initially refuse accepting it. Should the person persist, he then used to advise them on he virtue and reward of giving that same present to the needy ones of the Haramain. In fact, he then used to provide the addresses of such needy and pious people for him. However, should the giver still persist in Maulana accepting the gift, the Learned Master then used to accept it and then send me with the special instruction of buying something from the markets, so that some form of assistance be provided to the local merchants.

Hazrat Umar R.A. used to say: “One of the signs of generosity of a person is the fact, that provisions for the journey are of the best quality.” In explaining this saying the ulama have said that , the reference may be to the good quality of the provisions for the journey.

A better explanation, however, is given by them meaning that for the journey one’s temperament should be such that he should not feel it a burden at all to spend freely.

In another saying of Hazrat Umar R.A. he is reported to have said: “The best Hajji is he whose intention is most pure and sincere, whose provisions for the way are the best, and whose faith in Allah is most strongest.” (Ithaaf)

in a weak Hadith Rasulullah Sal’am is reported to have said: “Whosoever is unwilling and miserly with regard to spending in the way where Allah’s displeasure and wrath lies, and whosoever delays his departure for Hajj for some worldly reason, will find that the worldly cause and objective will be delayed until such time the Hajj is return, and whosoever refuses to assist another Muslim brother in his need, will soon have to assist someone in some sinful act.’ (Targheeb)

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