Hadith Number Five

Chapter 02 - Grave Warnings For Not Performing Hajj, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Hazrat Abu Jafar R.A. reports from his father who reports from his grandfather that Rasulullah Sal’am said: “Every man or woman who is stingy in spending in things or places in which lies Allah’s pleasure, he will be made to spend much more in such a cause which incurs Allah’s displeasure, and whoever, because of some worldly obstacle (requiring his attention) postpones going for Hajj, will find that the obstacle shall not be overcome until he sees the Haajis returning from their pilgrimage; and whoever (refuses) to assist another Muslim brother will be made to assist somebody in some form of sinful act for which there is no reward.

According to the rules laid down by the Muhadditheen (scholars of Hadith) this Hadith is a weak one. However, for such purposes, a Hadith like this may be quoted, and moreover general experiences corroborate this Hadith. It is fact that people who try to avoid assistance in righteous, worthy causes, become involved in prohibited dealings. You see them bribing in court cases etc. and worse than that you see them in grave immoral acts. e.g. dancing, attending parties and the cinema and spending money on it. When a person spends the wealth Allah has so generously granted him, in good cause, he safeguards himself from such evil acts. in these times one should take special not of these points. These warnings are for those people who in spite of having wealth do not perform their fardh Hajj. Those people who do not possess the wealth and specially those on whom others are dependent, for them to attend to their needs is far more important than nafil Hajj. In his famous kitaab Madkhal, Hazrat Ibn Ameer Alhaaj R.A writes: “Many a person leaves his family in want and goes to perform Hajj, when in reality Rasulullah (Salalaho Alaihi Wassallam) had said: “It is sufficient a great sin that a man should leave behind in want of sustenance such persons whose food and drink he is responsible for.”

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