Hadith Number Eight

Chapter 05 - The manner of performing Hajj, Dawah & Tabligh, Virtues of Hajj (Fazail e Hajj) / Friday, November 20th, 2009

Hazrat Aa’isha R.A. says: ‘I very much wanted to enter the Ka’ba to perform salaat inside it. Rasulullah Sal’am then took me by the hand and said: ‘Perform the salaat you desire in this hateem for verily your people, the Quraish left this section of the Ka’ba outside it when they rebuilt the Ka’ba.’

It is Mustahab to enter the Ka’ba. This is one of the places where duaa is accepted and answered. However, it is never permissible for anyone to enter through the giving of bribes. When the Quraish rebuilt the Ka’ba they lifted the roof quite high and raised the door so high that one cannot enter the Ka’ba without a staircase. Rasulullah Sal’am wanted to rebuild the Ka’ba according to the same plan as it had been before. Hence he said to Hazrat Aa’isha R.A.: ‘These Arabs have only recently entered Islam; It is possible that their feelings may become roused and sentiments excited, as a result of the demolition of the Ka’ba; if it was not for this I would rebuilt the Ka’ba, and I would have included the hateem in the Ka’ba: and I would have made two doors. One from which people could enter and leave from the other; and I would have lowered the door of the Ka’ba to the ground: ‘Your people raised the door of the Ka’ba so that they admit only these whom they prefer.’

According to another hadith Rasulullah Sal’am said to Hazrat Aa’isha R.A.: ‘Your people did not do the roper thing when erecting the Ka’ba, if we were not so near to the times of disbelief, I would again include this section into the Ka’ba; the section they have left outside; rebuilt, this should be included. Rasulullah Sal’am then measured off a further seven feet’. This was the cause of Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair R.A. increasing the size of the Ka’ba when he rebuilt it. So actually Ibn Hazrat Zubair R.A. accomplished what Rasulullah Sal’am himself had desired. Later under Abdul Malik bin Marwaan , Hjjaaj had the Ka’ba restored to its pre-Islamic structure. No matter what niyyat prompted Hajjaj, one can to day still feel thankful that it is made so easy for anyone who wishes to be inside the ka’ba. No bribe to be given to enter into the hateem. Here one may enter at any time to his heart delight, pray there and make his special supplication to Allah. Being in the hateem, means being inside the Ka’ba. For this reason Rasulullah Sal’am told Hazrat Aa’isha R.A. to say her prayers here. Further, it becomes exceedingly difficult for females to enter the Ka’ba. This hateem simplifies matters for them. Be very careful of your conduct inside the Ka’ba. The ulama have stated that on entering the Ka’ba, one’s conduct should be one of utmost respect, upholding the great dignity of the place. It is best to go bare feet without socks, and to bath before entry. It is best to enter with great humility and to enter crying, with tears streaming down.

One saintly man was once asked: ‘Did you ever enter the Ka’ba? He said: “I do not consider my feet worthy of being allowed to walk around the Holy House of my Lord, so how can, consider them worthy of entering his Holy House? I know where these two have been going and coming, and I also know for which bad intentions they went.” (Ithaaf)

Ghalib the poet said:
‘With what face O Ghalib, shall you appear before the Ka’ba. Have you no shame no fear.’

Some ulama (e.g. Newawi and Ithaaf) have laid great emphasis on the following two points against which people entering the Ka’ba should watch. Firstly there is a ring on the wall opposite the door of the Ka’ba. Ignorant ones have called it the Urwatul Wuthqa- the handle of strength. Having touched it they considered themselves ‘possessors of the strong handle’ which is pure nonsense. Secondly there is a peg in the center of the floor of the Ka’ba. This has been called the ‘navel of the earth’, by ignorant people. On entering the Ka’ba they used to rub their navels against it. This too is pure nonsense and ignorance.

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